NPR’s news blog Two-Way says Arch West, creator of Doritos, died last week and that his family plans on sprinkling some of the chips along with his ashes.

What the post and the Dallas Morning News blurb it quotes don’t mention are what kind of Doritos will be sprinkled.

It’s a big question –– what variety of Doritos best suits the occasion? Toasted Corn is out of the question, since any man with enough verve to makes Doritos in the first place would be best remembered with a chip that has actual flavour. A spicier flavour might be more fitting, but none of the names seem to fit any kind of remembrance service. Anything with “[blank] Degree Burn” or “Flamas” in the title doesn’t scream “memorial” to me, for whatever reason. Same goes for one of my personal favourites, Late-Night Cheeseburger Doritos.

Maybe a combo of some of the more common flavours — Nacho Cheese, Zesty, Cool Ranch — might be best to try and capture all the dimensions of the man.

Real talk: Doritos have brought me some of my greatest snacking joys. I’m always excited to find a new flavour, and I normally find something to love about the weirdest among them. It made up a frightening share of my high school diet, though I’m Dorito-ing in moderation these days.

Thanks, Arch West. I’ll drop a dollar bag of Zesty for you sometime soon.