Daniel Léveillé Nouvelle Danse_Emmanuel Proulx_Photo Credit_DenisFarley (1)New Dance Horizons is wrapping up its three-month residency at the MacKenzie Art Gallery with a pair of performances.

The first performance is called Solitudes Solo (publicity shot above) and it is being held at the MacKenzie Thursday April 7 and Friday April 8 at 8 p.m. The work is being presented by the Montreal contemporary dance company Daniel Léveillé Nouvelle Danse, and consists of a series of demanding solos set to violin sonatas composed by Bach. Tickets are Adult $30, Student/Senior $20, 13 and under $10, and you can find more information on the NDH website.

I don’t have a ton of information on the second performance, but do know that the title is End of Winter. It’s a collaborative work between NDH artistic director Robin Poitras and visual artist Edward Poitras that features dancer Ben Kamino. It is being held at the MacKenzie Gallery on Sunday April 10 at 2 p.m., and admission is free,