429AFBBF-191D-45C9-A173-D6B0DCDF81FFWhen I talked with Louis Guillemette of Montreal guitar-and-drums duo Solids in late January, it was mostly about their debut, Blame Confusion, and their big upcoming tour that’s bringing them to O’Hanlon’s on Feb. 26. While we were on the phone, though, I thought maybe I could get some trash-talking on the record, too.

Prairie Dog: In Regina, we’ve got a duo named Spoils. I was wondering if you’d be interested in starting a rivalry.

Louis Guillemette: We could. I could say, ‘Fuck those guys.’

You could? Do you want to go ahead?

[Laughs] No, not at all. Actually, wait a sec, I’ll check them out. What’s the name? Spoils?

Yeah, Spoils.

OK, I’ll check them out for sure. I don’t know. What could we say to start a rivalry? We could say we’re louder than them.

That’s good. That’s something you could measure, even.

Hopefully they’re not bigger than us.

Since I talked with Louis, Spoils have actually been added to the date, so come Feb. 26, we’ll be able to hear who’s louder.