So That’s What Happened To My Old Alpha Flights… [UPDATED]

Toronto pop punk trio Courage My Love has at least four things going for them:
1. They’re named after a Tragically Hip lyric based on Hugh MacLennan’s CanLit classic The Watch That Ends The Night. EDIT: Whoops, there I go presuming things. I’m way off here. Commenter JB correctly points below out that, according Courage My Love’s own website, their name is taken from a line in the 1936 movie Things to Come, based on the H.G. Wells novel and not on a Tragically Hip lyric, which, for the record, is “Courage, my word”. They get to keep the point because H.G. Wells and old movies are cool.
2. They are young enough to pull off their asymmetrical haircuts.
3. They out-Avril anything the former Mrs. Whibley has done lately.
4. They made this really fun video:

Props to The Snipe for finding the vid first.

UPDATE: A veritable Legion of Super-Walter Flanagan Fans insists that credit be given to one Walter Flanagan, podcaster and comic seller, who wrote the lyrics to “I Sell Comics”. Flanagan is credited for such twice in the video. Should Mr. Flanagan wish to advertise his podcast or comic shop on the Dog Blog, there should be a link on the right side of this page that can get him in touch with prairie dog’s irreproachable advertising team.

Author: Emmet Matheson

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18 thoughts on “So That’s What Happened To My Old Alpha Flights… [UPDATED]”

  1. I’ve got to say I admire the way kids today have mastered looking disaffected and cheerful at the same time. Clearly, the Grunge Wars were not in vain. We moped so they don’t have to.

  2. When I was 14 or so, this is pretty much exactly what I wanted to be doing (with a few fashion differences, of course). They’re super cute.

    Point 1 sent me into a bit of a panic that I’d been mishearing the Hip lyric for what, almost 20 years (which wouldn’t be unusual for me)… turns out they’re named after a line from a movie called Things to Come.

  3. Oh! I just saw a link that explains that Gord intended the original lyric to be “courage my love” but changed it. Sorry.

  4. No, no, you are totally correct. I had no knowledge of Gord’s original intention. I merely misremembered the lyric. Thanks for your keen eye!

  5. The song was from a contest on the tell em Steve Dave podcast. Lyrics by Walt Flanagan. Credit where it’s due holmes.

  6. Extra points for the Alpha Flight appearance. Makes me laugh. Also: must meet some kind of CanCon requirement.

  7. To be fair and balanced it should be noted that Walt Flanagan is the song writer of “I Sell Comics”. Without his brilliant talent, musical sensibility and amazing ability to take banal real life circumstance and translate it into gritty and honest lyrics this song would be the cat’s ass.

    You can find Mr. Walt Flanagan at Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash – 35 Broad Street Red Bank, NJ 07701. He’ll be happy to assist you in finding any and all issues of Alpha Flight you most certainly need.

  8. Strong instrumentals, fun video, and don’t forget Walter Flanagan, who wrote the lyrics. Well done all around.

  9. Courage my Love knocked it out of the park. Heavy hooks and killer harmonies. This comment coming from an old man in his late 30’s. How weird is it that a Regina magazine writes about a toronto band doing a song written by a New Jersey shopkeep and podcaster. Glad to see there are some other Tell Em Steve-Dave fans in Regina. Walt, Bry and Q are the best. Hell, I will even give the mighty Ming a shout out. For fans of the show you will get the following quote “Peace assholes!” ;)

  10. Really, you should be paying Walt and Tell em Steve-Dave for directing people to your site!

  11. Ryan, you might have some misconceptions about the economics of publishing indie magazines in Regina, Saskatchewan.

  12. Look, I’m a View Askew/Smodcast fanatic (not the crazy kind) and yes, I give props to Walt on the lyrics. But let’s be honest people. Walt threw out those random lyrics, that were spat out as a dare to the general audience. Meaning that, he didn’t put a whole lot of thought into them. So please don’t take anything away from Courage My Love for making lemonade out of crap. They made the song what it is on a whole other level. I’m sure Walt Flannigan’s dog would agree to that. Do you think that everytime someone hears that song in Walt’s vicinity, he’s yelling out, “Those are my lyrics, I wrote that. They wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for me!” Give the kids full props already, geez.

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