Conservative member of Parliament Stockwell Day is one of three Conservatives who won’t run in the next election. Not sure why he’s leaving, but he’s one of the party’s big-name Western Canadian evangelical Christian social conservatives. Maybe the Conservative are starting to see their old-school holy-rollers as a political weakness? It’s probably true that fundamentalist Christians don’t impress most voters in urban Eastern Canadian ridings where kids aren’t routinely home-schooled* (There is evidence that Day believes in anti-science creationism, which should, but sadly doesn’t, indicate one is a religious kook unfit for office**).

Day was also part of the recent controversy where civil servant in at least four departments were told to refer to the Government of Canada as The Harper Government. It’s Treasury Board’s job to protect the government’ brand. They didn’t. Boo.

*Yes, that is a cheap shot at evangelical Christian home-schooling that teaches kids nonsense like “evolution isn’t true” and “there’s evidence that the earth is 6,000 years old.” Teaching children lies is child abuse.

**Yes, that’s a shot too. And a richly-deserved one.