It’s all gone. The last note has been played at Bonnaroo 2010  and drank like the last drop of wine in a previously bottomless skin. As legions of music fans saunter out of the festival grounds for the last time, with sweet satisfaction on their faces, something happens….

They cheer.

By the thousands, unprompted and for no good reason – they cheer. Not to recognize a stellar performance. Not to pay heed to any particular entity.

They cheer for each other.  They cheer to recognize that the people here are not just a part of the same statistical demographic, but have together just created something great. They have proved that perhaps some sort of utopia is possible – that what normally is thousands of unheard voices can come together for what all believe in. That perhaps there is hope for what looks to be an ugly future.

The cheers are good byes – not to strangers, but to unknown friends. “So long,” they say.    “I’ll remember you.”


Stevie Wonder will single-handedly be responsible for the resurgence of the keytar. Track the statistics. Seriously.

Photos by Kim Jay