Smug Effing Winnipeggers

“31-2?” says the rear window with mock incredulity. See? See what’s happened? The Bomber fans think they’re BETTER than us now. Just look at this Winnipegger. Smug! Arrrgh!

(Photos by Darrol Hofmeister/sharpshooter photography)

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

11 thoughts on “Smug Effing Winnipeggers”

  1. When I was young my mother would say to me,”If all the other kids jumped off of a cliff would you do it to?” So at an early age I learned to be an Individual. Now that I am an adult I can go into a bar In Regina and cheer for any team playing against the Roughriders.
    In all reality what is the CFL….Washed up NFL players and and a few Canucks who play on an oversized field with an oversized end zone and the goal posts moved up. This all designed to make easier to pass, run and kick field goals.
    So you might say its more exciting ?? Well… Its all relevant, If you watch tier 3 Pee-wee hockey teams play…Is it exciting ..”Shure”! Is it good hockey…”NO”
    So when you see Professional athletes who cant count to 13 or cant play 4 solid quarters of football …what are you looking at???

  2. Hey Wilson you can take you’re NFL and stick it up your …. We’ve seen these highly touted NFL players come to the CFL and not be able to cut it! Give you’re head a shak buddy, the larger field makes it more difficult to play, not easier! But you go off to you’re snore fest of run, run, pass, kick …. to a bunch of pussy’s who need four down to do what we do in three! Our game is wide open, fantastic runs and amazing catches, and is the most exciting game played on the gridiron. Who needs or wants you anyway????

  3. By the way …… fantastic picture!! I actually felt sorry for the Riders on Sunday. Did you catch your coaches comments to the Bombers coach after the game ….. he’s one class act! All I can say is go Big Blue, it’s about time …. it took six years but finally the banjo bowl is ours!!!!

  4. LMAO …..Hey Blue and Gold , IF the field is bigger the end zones are bigger its easier to pass and run the ball…. Therefore 3 downs in the CFL
    How many games did your star Fred Ried play in the NFL…lol To Small to make it in a small crowded field …He never played 1 game. So Tauted NO

  5. Hey Wilson, glad to hear you “LMAO”….we can’t stop laughing every time you post a comment. As with so many of the band wagon jumpers, or the if it’s in the States it must be better, you’re full of crap! You’re also ignorant to the reference I was making, it was refering to vaunted US players like Tom Cousineau, Billy White Shoes Johnson, Rocket Ismail.All vaunted players that didn’t amount to much in the CFL!! That’s right the bigger field makes the game more challenging, more room to run, more room to make spectacular catches, more difficult to defend against. By your logic arena football must be fantastic…. an even smaller field ….gag me! You like so many of your ilk are morons… you can take your American game, your four downs, your wee field, your boring unimaginative play calling and enjoy your snorefest!!!

  6. Are you talking about The Rocket Ishmael that was a cfl allstar, mvp and won a Grey cup?
    Or the Tom Cousinou who played one year in the CFL and won the grey cup and was the Greycup mvp.
    Or the Billy Johnson who played one year on a team that had 3 win’s all year…I forgot …football Is a one man sport .
    So ya keep trying …Or beter yet try run the ball accross your living room with the D line in front of you …let me know when you can make it to the other side …lol

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