Slow Down, Molasses

A five-piece indie rock band from Saskatoon, Slow Down, Molasses consists of Tyson McShane (vocals, guitar, banjo, piano), Jeanette Stewart (synth, keyboards, vocals), Levi Soulodre (guitar/bass), Aaron Scholz (drums) and Chrix Morin (bass, guitar, mandolin).

On Friday May 22, Slow Down, Molasses is in town to play a release show for their new CD Burnt Black Cars. According to advance publicity, it’s the group’s first international label-supported release, and it was produced by Jace Lasek of the Montreal-based rock group Besnard Lakes.

The gig is at the German Club, and local rock acts the Spoils and Coldest Night of the Year are also on the bill. Doors are at 8 p.m., and tickets are $10. To give you a taste of Slow Down, Molasses’ new album, here’s the video for “Summer Sun”

Author: Gregory Beatty

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