Usually when I’m doing research on a veteran band like Sloan for these blog posts, the musicians involved are grouped into current and former members. That’s because as the years pass in the rock ‘n’ roll biz, founding members and/or replacement members inevitably resign from the group and move on to other things.

Not with Sloan though. The band got its start in Halifax in 1991, and the four original members (Chris Murphy, Patrick Pentland, Jay Ferguson and Andrew Scott) are still together. If that isn’t a record for longevity, it’s got to be pretty damn close. And they’re still reasonably active as a band too.

In fact, in September Sloan released their latest album called Commonwealth. And tonight the quartet are in town to play a gig at the University of Regina campus bar the Owl. Not sure if there’s a support act, but tickets are $25.

To give you a sense of what they’ve been up to lately, here’s the audio for the first single off their new album “Keep Swinging (Downtown)”: