At 6pm our time, the very best podcast in the known universe, The Skeptics’ Guide To The Universe, will begin streaming a live 24-hour marathon show. One full turn of the earth dedicated to science, skepticism and punchy comedy hijinks.

For those who’ve never checked out the Skeptics’ Guide, it’s a weekly round table discussion show about science that focuses on busting bad science. They take on things like homeopathy, alternative medicine, UFOs, ghosts, cryptozoology, acupuncture, psychic phenomena, faith healing, climate-science denial and creationism. And it’s a good source for all the latest science news too.

The show is hosted by Dr Steven Novella, a neurologist at the Yale School of Medicine; his brothers Bob and Jay; their friend Evan Bernstein; and Rebecca Watson, the founder of the also very awesome

Details on the 24 hour show are thin but they’ve been hinting for weeks now that they’ve lined up a series of really great guests, some serious luminaries from the worlds of science and skepticism.

I plan to tune in tomorrow when things are getting weird and the hosts have to start doing forfeits for dozing off.