1 ATTAWAPISKAT: UNHAPPY UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT The chief of the Northern Ontario reserve that’s getting emergency aid from the Red Cross says the federal government’s intervention is “political deflection”. I’m surprised Attawapiskat’s chief was able to get a statement out without non-stop swearing. The Harper government’s response is a gimmicky, scapegoaty non-solution to a structural problem by a government that doesn’t “get it” (no surprise given that it’s taken Stephen Harper six years to meet with First Nations leaders). Want to actually learn something about Attawapiskat so you can discuss it like a grown-up? Check this out. It deserves its own post but this will do for now.

2 SYRIA BUSINESS United Nations human rights chief Navi Pillar says it’s time for the International Criminal Court to get involved in Syria. The death toll in the uprising is well over 4,000. More than 300 are children.

3 FUKUSHIMA MELTDOWN: HEY IT WAS EVEN WORSE! Fuel rods bored most of the way through the reactor’s concrete floor, apparently.

4 TORONTO’S MAYOR IS APPARENTLY BONKERS Yesterday, his bizarre game-playing with reporters made him the subject of a formal complaint with Toronto’s integrity commissioner by the Toronto Star. Today he’s asking Torontonians to boycott the paper. Yeah, that’s sound strategy. I’m sure the Star’s readership has tanked thanks to this story.

5 DID PETER McKAY LIE TO PARLIAMENT ABOUT THE REASON HE USED MILITARY HELICOPTERS? And why does this article use the word “mislead” instead of “lie”?

6 CANADA’S MEGAPRICEY JET WARPLANES OF THE FUTURE HAVE SUPER-COSTLY PROBLEMS IN THE PRESENT Huh. Maybe we should spend 30 billion on oh I don’t know reserve housing?

VIDEO! Here’s a video of a bad owner using his cats in an inappropriate way. Do not enjoy this under any circumstances.