Six In The Post-Morning: Halloween And Stuff

1 LUCKY NUMBER SEVEN Earth’s human population passes a major milestone. Hooray! Oh wait, the planet can’t support seven billion people. Maybe four. Boo! Anyway, The Guardian has scads of stuff on this. Here’s a piece on the most over-used resources — water’s number one and oil’s number two — that’s worth a look.

2 UNESCO APPROVES PALESTINIAN MEMBER BID The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has voted to make Palestine a UNESCO member. The United States will likely cut off UNESCO funding because the U.S. is a tantrum-throwing, bullying dink when it comes to the Palestinian issue. Canada voted against Palestinian membership too because we’re a bunch of toady, crawling Wormtongues.

3 TWIN THAT SUCKER The NDP promises to supersize an annoying, un-twinned highway between Balgonie and Yorkton. If elected.

4 A HERITAGE BUILDING IS SAVED FROM PARKING LOT DOOOM Finally some great news about respecting and valuing architectural heritage and, oh wait, this story is from Winnipeg. Never mind. Regina’s motto remains Knock Everything Down then Put Up Surface Parking Lots.

5 AND IN SPORTS Coach Ken Miller is quitting the Riders. More importantly, the Columbus Blue Jackets are close to firing everyone because my beloved NHL team sucks so bad. Don’t pretend you don’t care about my poor Blue Jackets. How could anyone not care? They’re the COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS! I love them so much. Sob.

6 HAPPY HALLOWEEN! They have a gallery of decorated house pics up on CJME’s website. Scary!


Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

3 thoughts on “Six In The Post-Morning: Halloween And Stuff”

  1. I wonder what would happen if they colonized the space between Yorkton and Tisdale with 1 million Southeast Asians? It seems perfectly plausible that our next big industry here in Sask is/are resettlement(s).

    In other news, neither Regina nor Saskatoon will have ‘made it’ until one of us gets an awesome indoor year-round waterpark. Build that, Mr. Wall. TYhen knock some windows in the gall-dang Field House.

  2. Why not finish twinning the Regina-Saskatoon highway first?
    Nobody has ever given me a decent explanation as to why Chamberlain is the only piece of the highway where they don’t blow right past the town. I mean you bypass Davidson and stay running right through Chamberlain? Where’s the logic in that?
    One friend did once speculate that somebody must have had incriminating photos of Gordon Grant or Ross Thatcher tucked away somewhere.
    That’s probably as close to the truth as I’ll ever get.

  3. The area around the Transportation Hub should be “colonized” too.

    Just so that not all of the people that work out there don’t have a huge commute back to Reggieville, on thier favorite freeway, the Dieppe/Dewdeney 1 Way In-out.
    Then mabye they could walk / cycle / ride share to the site.

    The land out there is a provincial matter, on a few levels.

    Calgary expanded,by annexing land. but by also adding room for community srevices, such as indoor/ outdoor hockey rinks libraries, schools, commercial etc.

    Luckily some the near by sourrnding communities already have some of this in place.

    A hypothetical future Regina.

    From the #1 High-way at the 362 go N. to the 734. W. to 640. S. past Sherwood C.C. to the #1.
    Absorb; Zehner, Bora, Albatross,Pilot Butte, White City, and Grand Coulee.
    The latter 3 have existing rail line access to Regina.

    That would be a very greener and safer way to get here and back year round. Think C-trains, or the system that is used betweeen TDot,Otwa, and Montrebec.

    The existing Dewdeney Av. Rail yard, could be turned into a “Grand central station”, with +15 style access to the Downtown.

    Then I woke up.

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