1 WE HAVE THE SKILLS. WHERE’S THE DESIRE? Humanity can beat the HIV/AIDS epidemic but we’re not doing enough.

2 MAYBE YOU WANNA RUN THAT BY US, HEY?  The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations suggests it should be consulted on any changes to the federal Indian Act. Their suggestion is correct! After killing the Kelowna Accord, blaming an Ontario First Nation for a crisis that wasn’t its fault and ignoring treaty obligations in its pipeline plans, the Conservatives have demolished their credibility with Canada’s aboriginals. At this point you’ve gotta wonder if these clowns could operate a pair of blunt scissors safely.

3 WE NEED STIMULATION! MAYBE! The socialist CIBC says it’s time to think about some stimulus spending. Good luck with that with this idiot government, which ois famous for reckless tax cuts that create structural deficits.

4 THAT’S ABOUT 12 TIMES THE POPULATION OF CANADA A massive blackout in India affects 370 million people. The culprit? A heat wave.

5 OH JOY There’s an Ebola outbreak in Uganda, ridiculous mismanagement in Afghanistan and mayhem in Syria.

6 THAT PSYCHO (ALLEGED) KILLER GETS CHARGED UP THE WAZOO Whatever. He’s cracked. Lock him up. Treat his mental illness. Never let him out. The end.

IF ANYONE CARES, I FINALLY SAW THE DARK KNIGHT RISES I enjoyed it well enough. Gotta say, though, that as usual with blockbusters, the script isn’t up to the level of a good cable TV show. There’s just no excuse for anything less than an excellent script with the money that gets spent on these things. Also, I finally got around to reading Dechene’s post on it. Funny! Here, have a video.