Six In The Morning: Well, Kind Of

1 AIR CANADA IS FALLING APART, LITERALLY Monday afternoon’s incident at Toronto Pearson involving an Air Canada 777 passenger jet was not the aircraft’s first, apparently. A frighteningly thorough CBC story outlines the plane’s other two incidents that preceded Monday’s ENGINE SHUT-DOWN on the way to JAPAN.  Efforts to instill consumer confidence are going exceptionally well.

2 CLINCH OF THE MITT Pardon the phrasing, just trying to instill some snazz into what is being called the “most boring election ever“. Mitt has secured the Republican nomination following a big win in the Texas primary, and it’s hard to even care. We should. This guy has the potential to direct our country’s biggest economic partner, a relationship which will only get stronger with the unilateralism in Ottawa these days.

3 THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING Facebook shares have dipped to a new low this week, losing almost a quarter of their value. Meanwhile RIM, the Canadian company behind Blackberry has announced it will making making “significant” job cuts, following a rough quarter.

4 WAR CRIMINAL GETS FIFTY Former Liberian President Charles Taylor was sentenced to fifty years in prison for his role in the 2002 massacres in Sierra Leone. This is the first time a former head of state has been convicted by the ICC since WWII, and is a big step for humanitarian interventionism on the international stage. You know, all that stuff Canada used to stand for…

5 HORROR POLITICS Authorities have confirmed that the foot and hand sent to Conservative offices this week had belonged to the human torso found in Montreal’s west end yesterday morning. More here.

6 SPEAKING OF HORROR MOVIE SH*T Police are releasing more details following what has been described as a “cannibal attack” between two men on a Miami causeway Saturday afternoon. The attacker, 31 year-old Rudy Eugene is now believed to have been overdosing on a potent new LSD-variant called ‘bath salts’. The relatively new drug has been linked to high body temperatures, extreme aggression, superhuman strength and fixation involving the jaw and mouth. Check it out. Or don’t, I didn’t sleep last night.

11 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Well, Kind Of”

  1. So when is W going to go to jail for assassinating Hussein for no reason? (among other things)

  2. #4 Yeah sounds great. Too bad it only applies to the terrible leaders of poor and non-white countries.

  3. 1 and 2: Agreed, certainly. But I seriously doubt the ICC or any other international legal bodies would have any impact (or even exist) if there were explicit regulations on uniformity of treatment. Its unrealistic.

    We shouldn’t denigrate this victory because western democratic societies do a shit job of holding our leaders accountable.

  4. I may just be grasping at straws, but I almost disagree and saw no international criminal court would be better than one that only prosecutes non-white leaders from poor countries, due to the incredibly bad example it sets and racist message it sends, but like I say, I’m probably just grasping.

  5. You are grasping. Have you not been paying attention to the prosecutions of former leaders of the Serb Republic?

  6. #6 Please do not parrot this bullshit about bath salts being anything closely related to LSD. They are as chemically different as nicotine and sugar.

  7. #6 Wasn’t the LSD/bath salts relationship just a result of misreading the link to the National Post article? There they said that police originally thought it might be a combination of a powerful new LSD variant (which I don’t think exists) combined with cocaine psychosis, but then decided it was probably bath salts and then they listed a bunch of chemicals it was made of. None of which were LSD.

  8. Re #5 – The hand wasn’t sent to the Conservative office. Just the foot was. Details, details.

  9. Like I mentioned above, leaders of fine nations like our own certainly get away with a lot, and it’s absurd.

    That said, international institutions that hold leaders like Taylor accountable typically only infringe on national legal sovereignty in extreme cases, mostly human rights violations.

    These types of atrocities (in the history of the ICC, mostly genocides and massacres) should not be loosely compared to American foreign policy decisions or Harper’s election controversies.

    I’m sure the families and friends of those who died under Mladic (mentioned in 5 above) or Taylor wouldn’t have them escape justice because we can’t deal with our own domestic issues.

  10. Just to clarify the reference: Radko Mladic was a general, not a political leader; Slobodan Milosevic and Radovan Karadzic are the names you want.

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