1 THIS! IS! NOT! ACCEPTABLE! Greg posted about it last night but this is important. A U of R public lecture in Victoria Park, which was to be part of a series, has been censored by Regina Downtown. The topic — sanctions against Israel — is controversial. So what? That’s why you get an authority to speak to it. This is another example of how liberal arts university profs, many of whom absolutely work their butts off, just don’t get enough respect in our business-worshiping culture.

Just watch: every single news outlet that runs a story on this online will have commentators saying “profs don’t have a right to say whatever they want in Victoria Park, they can go speak somewhere else.”

This is absolutely appalling–a real black eye for Regina. Wonder if it’ll hit national news.

2 MEANWHILE IN SYRIA It’s going from bad to worse.

3 ON STRIKE 300 Saskatoon health workers including pharmacists, orthopists and psychometricians are picketing today. They haven’t had a contract for two years.

4 LESS APARTMENTS, HIGHER RENT A catastrophic failure of the business community to meet a basic need — housing — continues to unfold in Regina as vacancy rates dip slightly to 0.7 per cent. Realistically, anything lower than two per cent is a disaster. Sometimes I think we don’t live in a city — we’re participants in a pyramid scheme run by suburban developers and the car dealerships who benefit from sprawl. We’re pushed into buying over-priced homes and expensive cars because transit is underfunded and there aren’t enough places to rent.

5 MORE WORK Canada added over 22,000 more jobs this year.

6 A BUNCH OF STUFF ABOUT THE CONSERVATIVE CONVENTION The CBC website has a fine article on the current Conservative convention. Topics covered: leadership votes, tax reform and not creating a youth wing of the party.

FRIDAY RANDOM TECHNO-UTOPIANISM Hey, maybe the future will look like this cool video:

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