Six In The Morning:Baby It’s Cold Outside

1 WINTER EH? Despite the pseudo-convincing melt in Regina over the last couple days (I even saw green grass), residents can expect snow and temperatures in the minus twenties over the weekend.

2 UNOCCUPIED Police dismantled the last remnants of the Occupy Regina movement early this morning, primarily in the form of empty tents (like I said, its cold out there).

3 EYES TO CHINA? Though China has often been perceived as a threat to the American economy, the attention has adopted a militaristic character as Obama and Australian PM Julia Gillard enter discussions seeking an ongoing American military presence in Australia.

4 SCARE IN WASHINGTON! After gunshots were fired at the White House last week, the search for an exceptionally harmless looking 21 year old suspect continues (though I could have sworn this was their specialty?)

5 PATERNITY TEST NEGATIVE We can all sleep at night knowing that Canadian superstar Justin Bieber’s paternity test has proven recent allegations to be untrue. And YES, this counts as news these days.

6 FEEL GOOD CONTRIBUTION Okay, its cold, but we can at least warm our hearts with this one: Tinashe-Zambezi

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  1. That may expose that the six here refers to the count, rather than the hour at which this was posted…

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