1  ANOTHER BRUSH WITH COMPLETE ANNIHILATION  Did you hear about the asteroid that buzzed Earth on Saturday? Whew.

2  I NEED TO START FOLLOWING PETER MAYHEW ON TWITTER  The seven-foot tall actor was stopped at the Denver airport for carrying an unusually long cane.

3  BEES ARE REALLY IMPORTANT  As you probably already know, the world’s bee population is under siege, so researchers are putting together a sperm bank to help counter the effects of colony collapse disorder.

4  AS GOES ROME?  Looks like the Italian capital is following the nation-wide trend of correcting its right-of-centre politics.

5  IT’LL REALLY PULL THE ROOM TOGETHER  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be presented with this commemorative Afghan rug. 

6  IT’S HEP WITH THE KIDS  The New York Times is on the bleeding edge of five years ago with this story on how young people are going crazy for vinyl.