Six In The Morning: WTF, Central Park?

6-in-the-morning1 BUSY DAY FOR IDLE NO MORE The movement will stage events across Canada to discontentedly mark the 250th anniversary of the Canada’s British Royal Proclamation. There’s apparently going to be a flash mob at the Cornwall Centre at 5:15 today.

2 MY NEIGHBOURHOOD GOTS PROBLEMS Stabbings, rapes, violent muggings… as someone who lives near Central Park, this story is especially annoying. In addition to the evil bullshit mentioned in the story, a couple of my friends were gay-bashed by dumb fucks in a white truck recently (I assume it was a gay-bashing because the assailants called my  friends “fags” before hospitalizing them). A small posse of Prairie Dog nerds (including me) were recently threatened by truck dumbfucks, too.

3 HOW ABOUT NO PRAYERS? IS THAT AN OPTION? Apparently we need to talk more about the role of religion in politics. Whatever floats your boat I guess. Then again, while it’s good to celebrate many of religion’s cultural and social aspects, perhaps literal belief in magic sky dudes shouldn’t be encouraged by governments.

4 IS CANADA SPYING ON BRAZIL? Brazil media says so. Canada isn’t saying anything.

5 HOW’S THAT SHUTDOWN WORKIN’ FOR YA? Here’s today’s news.


I SAW GRAVITY AND YOU SHOULD TOO I have a few reservations — it was a little schmaltzy in parts — but it’s a heck of an experience, and should be seen in 3-D on the biggest screen possible. You’ve probably read Prairie Dog’s review (if not, read it here). Here’s another worthy take on it.

The Onion Reviews ‘Gravity’

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

28 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: WTF, Central Park?”

  1. (2) Maybe the assaulting and threatening folks you refer to — disgraces to the truck-driving community, all — are under the impression that that neighbourhood is the gay stroll, just as other lackwits assume that all of North Central is the straight stroll, and that all males, alone or in groups, are fair game for whatever small and bored brains can devise.

  2. Nope a paintball gun . You can be farther away & don’t really need to worry about the wind.

    Inject Scotch Bonnet juice into the balls.

  3. Another thought: “fag” as an epithet can be applied willy-nilly, as on a school playground, or deliberately, as in some Brandon Wheat Kings of the 1970s who referred to Scandinavian imports with a sound passing game as “chicken Swede fags”.

  4. Barb: I wouldn’t describe the shouting of “fag” as “willy-nilly” in a discussion about someone getting beaten up, I’d spend some time and come up with something that didn’t trivialize the word or suggest its utterance was anything short of telling.

    In fact, I’d save a discussion of the ways in which “fag” can be used for another day.

    That said, seeing as you’ve opened this Pandora’s Box… Word meanings are contextual. And in this context, “fag” is being used by the perpetrator to dehumanize the victim — to express ultimate contempt and to compound the damage inflicted in the beating.

    Much the same as how “bitch” can be used in ways that aren’t read in its most caustic senses, in a domestic abuse situation, where a man is calling his wife or partner a bitch, the word isn’t ambiguous and can’t be misconstrued as being meant ironically or humorously. It’s used to dehumanize and reduce the woman.

    So, no, that “fag” can be used offhandedly or humorously in no way excuses or dismisses its use in this context.

  5. Paul: you haven’t spent much time around school playgrounds, have you? You also leaped to judgement after reading (?) my comments. I was not trivializing the use of the word, nor was I excusing its use; just noting that it can, in some contexts, such as the playground, be used without any knowledge of its meaning or how it can do harm. Dial down your temper and self-righteousness; you’ll live longer.

  6. Raises an interesting question: If someone is “gay-bashed” but not actually gay, do the authorities still consider it a hate crime?

    And schoolyard taunt or sinister, adult hate speech, being threatened or beat up is alarming enough. That’s criminal violence.

  7. That was me with my temper dialled down. And my point was that in this context the point you raised is not constructive.

  8. Not constructive in your view, which again betrays your failure to read with care.

    Talbot, re: your question, I think they do, because of the intent.

  9. Hi Barb, as someone who was called “fag” and beaten up on the playground by smart boys from good families almost daily, I can say with some certainty that they knew what it meant. “AIDS kills fags dead” was a common refrain among the future leaders of our land as they choked me to unconsciousness. Very little ambiguity there.

  10. @ Barb – Probably on paper, but in actuality I supposed it depends on class, race, gender, etc.

  11. Further to that, you gotta wonder how often actual gay-bashings get dismised because maybe the victim couldn’t confirm that hate-language was used: Officer: “So you didn’t hear the perpetrators actually use any homophobic language while you were being assaulted?” Victim: “No, but I had blood in my ears.: Officer: “And they didn’t identify themselves as straight?” Victim: “Like ‘straight-power!’? No.” Officer: “We’ll have to just investigate this as a random act then, sorry. Probably go cold.”

    BTW how passe is “gay-bashing”? Perpetrators definitely should be locked up, and in a mental institution if they’re still in a place where that seems vital to them. IDIOTS.NOT A SNAE OPTION EVEN AFTER A HARD NIGHT OF HITTING THE SEAGRAM’S.

  12. In some instances, there may be intent to harm, but the term is also tossed around loosely by children the way that “silly” was in an earlier era, and clearly without any real understanding of its meaning. If we’re going to erase the term, we need to enforce the codes of conduct already in place, and the earlier the better.

  13. I’m sorry for not being more clear: I should have added “schoolyard” after “instances” above.

  14. Emmet: at the risk of unleashing the usual, are you arguing on both sides of the issue? Mybe you should go and lie down for a bit.

  15. 6) Has Russia really changed since the fall of the Soviet Union? Clearly Greenpeace and other activist groups need start watching their backs when going into Russian territory. They show no patience nor any tolerance for this type of activity.

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