6-in-the-morning1 DUFFYGATE: THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES The RCMP investigation into l’Affaire Duffluppagus lumbers on. In today’s news we learn that Stephen Harper might actually NOT have known about the eeevil $90,000 cheque to Duffy. Aww. Well, that’s no fun.

2 THE SUPREME COURT WILL HEAR QUEBEC’S GUN REGISTRY APPEAL Story here. The Province wants to keep existing gun registry data, which the Conservative government wants destroyed, I can only assume, to protect gun-using criminals.

3 GREAT GREEN GALAXIES! Comet ISON  is apparently rooting for the Riders.

4 ABOUT THAT NEW CYBER-BULLYING LEGISLATION Here’s the news, nicely wrapped up with a propaganda bow courtesy of the partisan-sounding headline. Here’s the analysis, courtesy of Michael Geist. Conclusion?

Law enforcement have been asking for some of these provisions for many years and there could be a good debate on the merits of many of the proposed reforms. As this post suggests, some of the provisions raise some serious concerns. Yet the government is signalling that it would prefer to avoid such debates, wrapping up the provisions in the cyber-bullying flag and backtracking on a commitment made earlier this year to not bring forward Criminal Code amendments that were contained in Bill C-30.

5 DETROIT: NOT SO BANKRUPT The City exaggerated its debts, huh. I’m sure this wasn’t all just a conservative scheme to take away retired city worker’s pensions.

6 THAT’S SOME OLD DAMN WATER A U.S. Geological Team found a pocket of seawater that’s 150 million years old. It’s very salty. If you just read this and your brain said “but the earth is only 2,000 6,000 years old,” immediately and repeatedly smash your skull as hard as you can against science books, preferably hardcover, until rationality occurs. This might take a while. It’s okay. Keep it up, you’re doing good.

WHO ARE THESE GREEN-BLEEDING TROUBADOURS? And why do they all stink of Irish whiskey?