1 BRAD WALL WILL ‘SPLAIN IT ALL Saskatchewan’s premier is meeting people from the province’s film industry today to explain why he killed the film tax credit. Prediction one: he’s not going to say “because sometimes my caucus is kind of stupid and petty, and we screwed up, oops” which would be the truth. Prediction two: some form of film industry tax credit will be back in place within 24 months. Could well happen a lot sooner, too. I’m looking forward to seeing if my hunch on this is right. I think Wall’s too good a politician to let this mistake simmer. And it is a political mistake: most Saskatchewanians like the film industry.

2 REGINA IS…GETTING APARTMENTS? Yes we are. Are they centrally located, where we need them if we’re going to have a vibrant downtown? No they are not.

3 ONTARIO LEGALIZES BROTHELS It’s true! But talking about buying and selling sex is still a no-no. Which seems like an insane contradiction.

4 ALBERTA IS OFFICIALLY HAVING AN ELECTION Read all about it. Alternately or additionally, you can read about how the 28th-place Edmonton Oilers are playing too well.

5 IN CASE YOU DIDN’T HEAR THE NEWS The federal NDP picked a new leader this weekend. And today, Thomas Mulcair is on the job. There’s some fallout, though: Jack Layton’s communications director quit.

6 DICK CHENEY GOT A HEART IMPLANT THIS WEEKEND I mean transplant. Ha ha. (And H/T to whoever got that joke off first this weekend.)

VIDEO! Have you seen U.S. Republican presidential nominee hopeful Rick Santorum’s crazy attack ad? Here it is! CRAZY!!!

Also, Santorum is swearing at reporters now. Yup, he’d make a GREAT president, that guy.