Six In The Morning: Water, Money, And Preserving The Dignity Of Poor Helpless Women

1 OH PLEASE. THEY STILL HAVE NO IDEA The FBI is saying they think they’ve found the guy who hi-jacked a plane and absconded with $200,000 in 1971. What I want to know is who cares anymore? (via Hamilton Spectator/New York Times)

2 US SENATE PASSES DEBT PLAN Now this is a news story! The US Senate has just passed an agreement to raise the debt ceiling. (via New York Times)

3 DON’T FILL YOUR MR. TURTLE POOL JUST YET The cities of Regina and Moose Jaw have relaxed their water restriction advisory, but they’re still asking you to conserve your usage until they know we’re in the clear. (via Leader-Post)

4 SHOULDA WOULDA COULDA A recent study claims that Wales would have been better off economically if they’d joined the EU independently. It certainly didn’t work out too well in the long term for Greece and Ireland. I wish I understood economics. (via Guardian)

5 ITALY BANS THE VEIL Italy has banned women from covering their faces in public because they feel it “annihilates their dignity”. Are they serious?   (via NPR/Associated Press, plus a lurid video clip via YouTube)

6 WELL IF THEIR MEATBALLS ARE HALF AS GOOD … The Chinese home furnishing company 11 Furniture is ripping off Ikea in a glorious instance of ‘what goes around, comes around’. And just like Ikea, they probably won’t bother to open a store in Saskatchewan either.  (via Reuters)

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Author: Wanda Schmöckel

Wanda Schmockel is just trying to get by without shoving. You may follow her on twitter @vschmo

7 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Water, Money, And Preserving The Dignity Of Poor Helpless Women”

  1. Not that I’d turn it down, but $200, 000 just doesn’t sound like that much money for a supposed criminal mastermind to have made off with anymore.

  2. I’ll bet certain people didn’t have to curb their water usage, cuz as everybody knows, it takes lots of water to attract top talent to a public sector city like ours. Lots of water, top water. It takes top water to attract top talent.

  3. TFJ, if your comment is meant as a snipe at the high pay of certain municipal officials, well… let’s just say it makes no sense.

    If you’re sniping at the (cough-cough)high pay of those that keeping our infrastructure and facilities going, then do your homework. That top talent deserves *more* given what they are providing to you and to every other Regina / Moose Jaw resident.

  4. What? No one wants to comment on Italy banning the veil? How about Chikea? No? Nothing? Sigh. Why do I bother?

  5. Re: banning the veil — From the point of conception, I can understand the logic leaps that inevitably occurred to make this sound like a good idea. Especially to naïve and (undoubtedly) white-washed Italian politicians. However, they are totally missing the gondola on that one. Yikes. Not that I’m up on my Italian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (or whatever equivalent therein), but surely this violates something??

  6. Nerd Against Pandering, I guess they’re in the same boat as France. I’m just amazed by the inherent sexism in this law. It assumes a lot about the wearer (that she has no agency, she’s under the thumb of the men in her community, etc.). Especially give the general cultural climate in that country with regards to women.

  7. “It assumes a lot about the wearer (that she has no agency, she’s under the thumb of the men in her community, etc.).”

    As an aside, I feel the same way about the laws against polygamy as well. When people – regardless of gender – are not given the opportunity to live the lives they choose — within reason, assuming their lifestyle decisions are not harming anyone and do not impede on personal rights or freedoms, blah blah — I believe it infringes on that whole “free will” thing that allegedly makes us all human.

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