1 THE MIGHTY, POLLUTED WASCANA Good story on CBC radio this morning. Read all about it(as soon as a link is available).

2 GOODBYE, JACK LAYTON The NDP leader’s memorial service was this weekend. Here’s a link to Regina coverage.

3 HURRICANE IRENE BASHES LA BELLE PROVINCE Windows were blown out in Montreal and 180,000 homes were without power. Other hurricane reports here, here and here.

4 WAR AND HUNGER  AND SADNESS AND STUFF in Libya, Syria, Somalia, Israel.

5 IM IN UR BASE EATEN UR KIBBLE A smug-looking fat cat at the Moose Jaw Humane Society is on a diet.

6 INDEPENDENT ABORTION COUNSELLING PROPOSED IN BRITAIN Read more here. Reasonable reform or a scheme to insert anti-choice propaganda into the medical system? Take a wild guess what my suspicions are. Even more here.

Here’s a random video! I’m sure it’s a 100 per cent authentic PSA from the 1950s.