1 ALLEGED HERO WHO EXPOSED WAR CRIME CHARGED BY U.S. MILITARY Remember the Wikileaks video of a U.S. helicopter gunship slaughtering and wounding Iraqis, including journalists and children? A U.S. soldier has been charged with leaking it. Because America must keep their precious military murders secret and punish those oppose gunning down children from helicopters. They’re the good guys, remember. (Washington Post)

2 A TALE OF TWO G8’s Honourary prairie-dog-for-life Gillian Steward has a great column in today’s Toronto Star about the difference between the non-violent Calgary G8 in 2002 and the recent clusterfuckopolis Toronto summit. Go! Read! (Toronto Star)

3 TORY PROBED FOR ETHICS Natural Resources minister Christian Paradis has been sucked into the Rahim Jaffer anti-integrity vortex. Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson is investigating his purported shilling for Jaffer’s solar-powered schemes shenanigans. Schluuurrrrrrrrp! (Globe And Mail)

4 HURRICANE OUTLOOK: EXTRA HURRICAINY Environment Canada says the La Nina weather system will create mighty storms. And in other weather news, the Saskatchewan tornado has been confirmed as an F3 (CBC). Oh, and central Canada is baking. (Globe And Mail)

5 FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION IS A LEGITIMATE TRADITION AND WE SHOULD BE TOLERANT OF DIFFERENT CULTURES. That’s sarcasm if you can’t tell. FGM is assault and torture. Parents, don’t let your daughters anywhere near Kurdish Iraq. There are crazy old ladies with razor blades. (Guardian)

6 R.I.P. BOB PROBERT Is it lame that I’m sad over the death of a millionaire, ex-hockey enforcer with a history of substance abuse and drunk driving?Probably. (TSN, Wikipedia)