1 THE AVERAGE HOUSE COSTS ALMOST $400,000 Yup. Meanwhile, education costs more than ever, rent costs more than ever, cars, fuel and transit cost more than ever and wages have flatlined. In fact, most Canadians say things didn’t get better for them this year. The ongoing plan to wipe out the middle class is coming along nicely. And in related news…

2 “IS IT THE GOVERNMENT’S JOB — MY JOB TO FEED MY NEIGHBOUR’S CHILD? I DON’T THINK SO.” That’s the evil thing a minister of the Conservative government of Canada literally said. This is not an innocent slip of the tongue — this reflects the genuine attitudes of a large swath of the Conservative caucus. The majority of Saskatchewan voted for this government. The Leader-Post and StarPhoenix both endorsed the Conservatives. You all know how I feel about all this. How do you feel about this?

3 PENSION PLANNING Canadian finance minister (and cussin’ Rob Ford supporter) Jim Flaherty contemplates changes to Canada’s pension plan. Beyond raising the retirement age for people younger than him, that is. He already did that.

4 FAREWELL, PETER O’TOOLE A legendary actor passes away. More here.

5 MEANWHILE IN AMERICA American Christians are as likely to be fundamentalist as Muslims; Obamacare enrollment is increasing; the FDA proposes new rules for antibacterial soaps; gun control advocates still want to make their psycho nation saferdespite all evidence that Americans be cray0cray and it’s hopeless; some U.S. scholars want to isolate Israel for its apartheid-esque treatment of Palestinians; and a Pennsylvanian reverend who officiated at his son’s gay marriage stands up to the bigots, good for him.

6 MEANWHILE IN THE WORLD China’s roaming around on the moon and you’re not; Australia’s right-wing Christian science-bashing homophobic asshole government might destroy the great barrier reef;  a Moscow gay club pleads with Putin to end the gay-bashing; and the BBC has a wrap-up on the farewell to Nelson Mandela.

WELL. TODAY’S NEWS IS, ON BALANCE, SHIT. WHATEVER. This has been stuck in my head for three days. Thanks, Aidan.