Six In The Morning: Truly Outrageous!

6-in-the-morning1 MONEY WELL SPENT There’s a $52 billion “black budget” for U.S. spy agencies. The U.S. has spent half a trillion dollars on intelligence since 9/11. Apparently spying is a great career choice. We all picked the wrong jobs (well, you didn’t Barb. I know EXACTLY who you’re working for. WHAT HAVE YOU TOLD THEM???).

2 LOVE AND HATE The Conference Board of Canada thinks P3s are just great!  Wait! Not so fast!

3 PROGRESS ON POT? Regina’s police chief Troy Hagen is in favour of ticketing marijuana smokers instead of arresting them, which I suppose is progress — oh wait,  he doesn’t support decriminalization. Never mind. But come on, it’s 2013. Why are some people in authority so clueless about pot? It makes no sense. The only thing pot prohibition accomplishes is protecting the profits organized crime makes from this relatively inoffensive recreational drug. Besides, pot is popular. Even some well-loved Canadian mayors admit they’ve smoked a “lots” of weed. Prohibition is ridiculous. At this point it’s just lazy to not get to work on legalization. That’s right, police chief Troy Hagen: I called your attitude lazy.

4 A GOOD NEIGHBOURHOOD GROCERY STORE CLOSES The Lakeshore Sobeys is done, which sucks for seniors and students.

5 RUSSIA: A STEP AWAY FROM ROUNDING UP THE GAYS? This is a couple days old but it’s important (caution: video will play automatically). You never want to see police raids based on race, religion or sexual orientation. If Russia doesn’t repeal its anti-LGBT laws, the Sochi Olympics need to be moved. Then again, it’s not like Russia is the only place on earth that has homophobic lunatics.

6 A STUPID JUDGE SAYS SOMETHING STUPID AND BLOWS UP THE INTERNET Montana judge Todd Baugh later apologized for saying that a 14-year-old who killed herself after she was raped by a guy in his 50s was “as much in control of the situation” as the rapist. Feed your anger here.

WHICH JEM CHARACTER ARE YOU? Take the quiz and find out! I’m Synergy. Outrageous! (H/T Dale)

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

8 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Truly Outrageous!”

  1. There are jobs, Stephen, and then there are jobbs, ant there are sometimes (but not always) links to articles. :-)

    Re: pot laws, I rather thought that Rob Ford’s admission that he smoked a lot of weed would be a potent argument against legalization.

    One of the good things about the American justice system is that a judge, at least in the lower courts, can be tossed out of office at election time.

  2. You know too much already Barb. I set up my Internet so everyone would see that link but you.

  3. 1) USA can’t afford to spend big $ on spying.
    2) HMMM? Both links go to the same article belonging to someone with a gangster like name of Fingas!
    3) POT is dangerous if you are under a strong influence of it while operating a vehicle or equipment. You can’t dispute that.
    4) Don’t know why you are only referring to Seniors and Students. Grocery stores service everyone. Hope there will be another grocery store in the future. That Sobeys was doing well for itself.
    5) Russians are so stubborn. And their gov’t isn’t backing down.
    6) Another old fashioned judge gets Judged big time!

  4. Isn’t it common knowledge that that Lakeshore IGA/Sobeys is being torn down for condos? Certainly no grocery store will ever replace it. WTF? Do you think that’s how monopolies are protected?

    As for USA, fuck, so fucking stupid. I just can’t believe I had to live thru America’s stupidest ever infighting/bankruptcy/collapse. When does the shit hit our fan? That’s what you get for electing a bonafide moron. The American elites no longer care AT ALL about “regular” people, it’s all hi-tech war games now against Russia China and cave-dwellers in Pakistan. It’s aalllll over.

  5. Bonafide morning meaning Bush obviously. There’s no repairing 2001-2009. It’s like having had the best liver around, then you drank it to death, and now there are only fellow wino livers to go around. Things are going to get so bad, one day soon we’ll be reminiscing about something as lame as emo.

  6. I just read a certain failed (miserably) mayoral candidate’s twitter feed and he was thanking your paper for something or other. If you guys condone this jackass and his behaviour, you’ll be losing a reader. #fullnovak

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