Six In The Morning: They’ll Never Rapture Me!

1 GOOD TIMES IN SASKATCHEWAN We’ve got a body in a torched car in Prince Albert, teens tossing Molotovs in Saskatoon and an apartment fire in Regina.

2 CANCER WORKERS FEELING STRIKEY? Unionized Saskatchewan Cancer Agency employees in Regina and Saskatoon will vote on giving their union, the Saskatchewan Government and General Employees Union, a strike mandate this week. The workers include nurses, radiation therapists, researchers, pharmacists and support staff. SGEU’s Bob Bymoen told the Leader-Post that most workers would not actually be able to strike because of Saskatchewan’s essential services legislation — which could lead to a bigger settlement in the end.

3 AROUND THE WORLD Egypt’s deposed president will be tried for murder, Danish soldiers guard Arctic oil platforms,  ex-IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s, er, DNA is allegedly on the shirt of the maid he allegedly attacked, Grimvotn’s mighty wrath is felt by travellers and Christina Hendricks talks about her fantastic breasts.

4 NO CONSPIRACY HERE The head of the Toronto Police Association says officers are not covering-up for the cop who attacked a guy and broke his shoulder at the G20 conference.

5 TORNADO DEATH TOLL AT 118 The twister the wrecked Joplin, Missouri is America’s worst in 60 years. I wonder how many Missouri voters are Ron “FEMA is immoral” Paul supporters.

6 SULK IF YOU LOVE ME A study suggests that smiling men and proud women are unattractive. I am skeptical about the smiling part of the equation. As for proud, well, it’s not an attractive quality in anyone.

RUMOURS OF MY SALVATION HAVE BEEN GREAT EXAGGERATED Don’t know if you were reading Dog Blog this weekend but if you were you might have read Beatty’s post on my alleged departure to higher realms. Not to worry. Like Harold Camping and his delusional followers I’m still traipsing around planet Earth. The Rapture didn’t come, as many Twitter wits pointed out. Want to read about the adventures of mentally ill people and magic things that didn’t happen? There’s more here and here, and P.Z. Meyers bestows a new orifice upon religion here.

Finally, we must have a video that reminds us that there are some obnoxious people of faith that  the world would flat-off be better off without:

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

5 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: They’ll Never Rapture Me!”

  1. Welcome back to earth, Stephen. Guess you countered my ‘defense’ of the bible in yesterday’s posting.

    Do I have to stop the coveting now or can I keep doing it?

  2. Re #6: Anytime I read a summary of a study like that I take the thing with a walloping huge slab of salt.

    So I took a look at some of the sample images used in the study and it seems to me another conclusion you could draw from this is that men find athletic women and Meg Ryan less attractive than emo kids and stock-photo models.

    See, it seems the study collected their photos of pride, shame and happiness off the internet. So neutral images were often bad facebook photos, pride images were generally sports figures, and the rest were largely professional photos of models made for (I’d guess) advertising. (The neutral images were my favourite because I think a better name for the category would be “Trying to Pose for a Photo without Looking Like You’re Posing for a Photo and Feeling Uncomfortable While Doing It.” Maybe I’m weird, but I find that look to be particularly sexy.)

    There seem to be way too many confounding factors around the photos themselves so I’m not putting much stock in the conclusions.

  3. @Paul: Just the fact they used photos and not video is a huge problem. I think it’s bunk. But it’s bunk that’s fun to talk about for five minutes.

    @Madeline: Life is short. If it makes you happy, keep coveting that ass!

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