Six In The Morning: The Year Of Being Knocked Up

1 GETTING IT ON IN SASKATCHEWAN The province had a baby boom last year. Bow-bow chicka bow!

2 EX-NDP MINISTER SAYS IT’S TIME FOR TWO-TIER HEALTH CARE Come on, really? As much as I resent the bay boom generation totally selling out the rest of us and might enjoy seeing them share some of our pain in this era of fake austerity, sometimes I wonder if Janice MacKinnon was a CIA plant. Someone should write a book on this un-NDPer’s ascension in the party.

3 NOT ENOUGH SPACE The head of Canada’s space agency quit, and there’s speculation that government apathy is too blame. Well that’s simply shocking given that this is the most pro-science Canadian government I’ve ever seen!

4 GET TO THE BACK OF THE LINE Canada’s Supreme Court rules that the workers owed a pension by a bankrupt aluminium company shouldn’t be reinbursed before shareholders. Canada apparently needs laws to make sure ripped-off workers are a higher priority than banks and financiers.

5 BOMBS, EXPLOSIONS, DEATH A suicide bomber attacked the U.S. embassy in Turkey (one guard dead), another suicide bomber attacked a mosque in Pakistan (22 dead) and a bunch of people (at least 25)¬†died in an explosion at the head office of Mexico’s state oil company.

6 GREAT WHITE SHARKS ARE COOL You’ve got to read about this catch, tag and release study and a shark named Mary Lee.¬†Sharks rule.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

7 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: The Year Of Being Knocked Up”

  1. OK, Stephen, don’t expect financial love for PD from baby boomers (note spelling). Schadenfreude or money: you can’t have both.
    And have we gone to British spellings (aluminium) now?

  2. I’m confident that lots of baby boomers LURVE my snarky irreverence!

    Also I might be slightly oversimplifying intergenerational conflicts. (Slightly.)

  3. Slightly, my a$$; you’re fanning the flames of ageism, and this isn’t the first time. Take their money and spit in their faces? Not mine.

  4. So you’re not going to buy a birthday card? You of all people? You could put in a spelling correction! Come on, you know you want to!

  5. 1)Hooray for BABIES!!
    2)Janice has a point. Something has to give. You can’t expect to keep going under 1 public system. We need another model. The European models look like a viable option vs the US.
    3)Bad pun using NOT ENOUGH SPACE.
    4)So translation is “Hey! It’s only $$$, Just not enough to go all around!”
    5)Where’s the Mad Muppet Bomber when you need him?
    6)Stay away from Mary!

  6. I have been waiting on the public system for a hip replacement for a year.In Europe it would have been done by noww. Janice has a point

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