1 KNOCK IT DOWN The Black Building, once home to 46 affordable rental units, was demolished yesterday. Dechene has the story. Make sure you read the comments–they’re looking lively.

2 CUT, CUT, CUT The cash-strapped Elizabeth Fry Society, which helps women who are going through the criminal justice system, has put most of its programs on hold to get ready for a busy future. Busy future? Of course — thanks to the Conservatives’ brainless new crime laws there’s going to be more women in prison.

3 A MIGHTY MEETING Speaking of our awesome “tough on crime” prime minister, Stephen Harper meets today with Barack Obama and Felipe Calderon. And they might just chat about the war on drugs, which everyone who’s not a total moron realizes is a blood-soaked failure. Maybe the Mexican PM will give Obama and Harper a slide show of severed heads and disemboweled corpses. What? Too harsh? Tell it to the families of decapitated bloggers.

4 LOOKING FOR A JOB? Bad news: you’ll soon have 19,200 competitors, all of ’em with strong resumes. Don’t thank your pink-slip-happy prime minister, he’s doing it all for you.

5 RAPID FIRE: STC PRICE HIKE! TIM HORTONS LINE-UPS! NEW NEWSPAPERS IN REGINA! LADY ATHLETES IN THEIR UNDERWEAR! WOOF! So, STC fares are going up! Saskatoon is agitated! There’s a new daily paper in Regina! Women who want to play football must take their clothes off! Hey, how about those Sheepdogs?

6 BACK IN CANADA A Canadian farmer is back in his country after a year in a Lebanese jail for allegedly forging potatoes (or something like that). His sister says the federal government didn’t do enough to get him home.

BONUS: WHO WON HIS HOCKEY POOL YESTERDAY? UH HUH, UH HUH First overall in the regular season and playoff champ to boot! Took six freaking years for the mighty Ice Octopi to win the annual, 10-player Crisis On Infinite Rinks pool, but then again, I used to think Nikolai Zherdev was an NHL-calibre player. I’d like to thank Sidney Crosby, James Neal, Rick Nash, Valtteri Filppula, Jaimie Benn, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Johan Franzen, Alexander Semin (thanks for dropping those two, Greg!), Patrice Bergeron, T.J. Oshie, Alex Pietrangelo, Brent Burns, Jack Johnson, Dan Hamuis, Jonathan Quick, Cory Schneider, Ryan Miller and Marc-Andre Fleury (I forgive you for all of last week, Marc!). And the guest appearance by Alex Radulov was fun, too. Here, have some hockey.