1. OUR CURRENCY NEEDS BATMAN SOUND EFFECTS. Because it smashed its way past US dollar equivalency and closed at $1.04 US. BLAT!

2. GOODBYE GLENN BECK! Fox News announced today that Glenn Beck will ‘transition off’ his program later this year. I guess Fox News figured out that Beck’s been hemmorhaging viewers like a freshly cut artery.

3. US GOVERNMENT STILL ROCKETING TOWARDS SHUTDOWN. Another day, another deadlock. If something doesn’t happen soon, the United States government might shut down for the first time in 16 years.

4. FEATHERHEADS? Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff is ordering an immediate investigation into a Liberal Party candidate who has a history of making really vile anti-First Nations remarks. It gets better, though: the candidate also belongs to a white power organization.

5. POLICE STANDOFF AT GLENAVON SCHOOL. There’s not much information on this one, but it seems that RCMP responded to a complaint and ended up in an armed standoff with a “distraught male” at the former Glenavon School. Glenavon is located about 115 km southeast of Regina.

6. MOMS HAVE YOUR BABIES IN SASKATCHEWAN. If I know anything about expectant mothers, it’s that they like having their babies and their neonatal intensive care in Saskatchewan. After reports in the media on the rising number of high-risk births being conducted outside the province, it looks like the Ministry of Health and the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region have some sort of plan to increase neonatal care capacity and accommodate our pregnant women.