6-in-the-morning1 THE HITS KEEP ON COMING Rob Ford is going to sue everyone over concerns he does blow with prostitute among many other allegations. Why would he need prostitutes? He gets enough at home. Yes, he really said that.

2 ALSO, DON’T ASSUME PEOPLE ARE PROSTITUTES. A timely reminder. And hey, you know what? Let’s not trash-talk sex workers.

3 ENOUGH ABOUT ROB FORD ALREADY. WHAT ELSE IS GOING ON IN THE WORLD? American Apparel’s Spadina factory outlet store is selling Rob Ford T-shirts. Carleeeeeeeeee! You’re in Toronto. I need a favourrrrr…

4 LET’S BUILD A CONTROVERSIAL NEW NEIGHBOURHOOD Regina planning commission voted to move ahead with a development opposed by the Co-op Refinery, the health region and the Province. Hmmm.

5 ROADS ARE BAD, MMKAY? Drive carefully.

6 I GIVE UP, CARLE JUST TEXTED ME TO SAY THAT ROB FORD “WENT ALL GODZILLA ON THE MEDIA SCRUM” Oh, now what? I’ll update when there’s something to link to. Also, I’m listening to CBC Toronto right now, people are actually calling in to defend Ford. It’s insane. You should listen too. Jeez, I hope this guy lives to the weekend.

UPDATE And the Toronto Argonauts are disappointed by an Argo jersey-wearing Ford’s comments about “eating pussy”

UPDATE 12:42: Oh! Oh! CBC has video!