Six In The Morning: Syria, Wascana, Gitmo, Giffords

6-in-the-morning1 SYRIA SUCKS A regime with a history of oppression, terrorism, torture and general dickishness is invading its own cities with tanks.

2 SCARY CREEK Wascana is dangerous! DANGEROUS! Run for your lives!

3 SNAPSHOT OF GITMO A ginormous weekend Wikileak describes conditions in the U.S. prison camp:

The 759 Guantánamo files, classified “secret”, cover almost every inmate since the camp was opened in 2002. More than two years after President Obama ordered the closure of the prison, 172 are still held there.

The files depict a system often focused less on containing dangerous terrorists or enemy fighters, than on extracting intelligence. Among inmates who proved harmless were an 89-year-old Afghan villager, suffering from senile dementia, and a 14-year-old boy who had been an innocent kidnap victim.

The leak includes new info on Canadian citizen and Guantanamo prisoner Omar Khadr.

4 DIDN’T THEY LEARN ANYTHING AFTER MIKE HARRIS? Apparently not–if Stephen wreck-the-country Harper gets a majority it’ll be thanks to Ontario voters.

5 BLAST OFF Arizona Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is well enough to attend her astronaut husband’s shuttle launch this week.


BONUS: MONDAY MORNING FOLIAGE REPORT I hear it’s going to be a beeeyootiful day today! Hooray! So how’s that spring bloom coming? So far, pretty slow. Here’s a photo of some branches outside my office window, taken this morning. I’ll post new pics every day this week.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

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  1. Re: Scary creek, the flippant tone of this headline is a bit unfortunate since someone just recently drowned in the creek near the off-leash dog park (which isn’t normally a drowning hazard but is now since it’s turned into a giant, freezing cold lake). And just today the city advised residents to stay away from the creek. I live in the west end near the creek and in fact it’s not a place to be effing around these days.

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