1 DON’T THEY HAVE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO? The Harper Stupids have decreed that Muslim women taking the oath of citizenship shall not wear their niqabs or burkas. What a bunch of goofs. I’m having flashbacks to the RCMP/Sikh turban wars of the late 1980s. And while we’re at it, here’s some information on just how loyal (hint: not very) American Christians are to their country compared to Muslims. The problem isn’t Muslims.

2 MEANWHILE, SAUDI ARABIA EXECUTES A 60-YEAR-OLD WOMAN CONVICTED OF SORCERY No word on whether she was wearing a niqab when they killed her.

3 OH, AND SYRIA IS HOLDING ALLEGED ELECTIONS TODAY But turnout is expected to be low, as many Syrians are surly about the army occupying cities and killing people and stuff.

4 DURBAN MEET PRODUCES AN INADEQUATE CLIMATE TREATY Sure, whatever, I guess it’s something. But we should have been aggressively slashing carbon emissions 20 years ago at the latest. Well, at least Regina will have warm weather in November as the planet’s climate goes berserk causing staggering damage to civilization.

5 SPEAKING OF CIVILIZATION, IT SAYS TERRIBLE THINGS ABOUT THE VALUES AND PRIORITIES OF THIS COUNTRY THAT CANADA’S BEST ART SCHOOL HAS MONEY TROUBLE The legendary Nova Scotia College of Art and Design is in financial trouble.┬áBecause it’s underfunded. Because nothing matters in Canada except business, business, business, business.

6 IT’S CITY BUDGET DISCUSSION DAY Council debates the proposed budget tonight. I think they should up that 3.9 per cent property tax increase to a cool five per cent Regina has more cash to do stuff that needs doing. Ha! What do you think of THAT?

BABY BATS ARE CUTE Don’t even think about arguing with me.