1 MORE INTERNATIONAL DISGRACE Despite the Tory government going under fire for recently exposed squalid living conditions in Attawapiskat, a small First Nations community near James Bay, the ridicule is ensured to continue. Environment Minister Peter Kent continues to deflect questions regarding the Conservative government’s plans to pull out of Kyoto this week in Durban. As if wishy-washy side-stepping weren’t enough, he went on to label the Kyoto protocol to be a form of  ‘guilt payments’ in an interview yesterday.

2 STRING OF SANCTIONS British diplomats have been withdrawn from Iran today following a storming of the British Embassy by students in Tehran yesterday in protest to recently imposed sanctions. Turkey also broke bilateral ties with Syria today, imposing economic sanctions in attempts to end the eight month uprising.

3 YAY FOR DEMONSTRATIONS Today’s massive public sector strike in Britain is the biggest in 30 years. With 2 million strong in protest, hospitals, schools, public transit and government services have been affected, details here. Today’s protest ensues a string of obscene pension changes to what is perceived to an over-generous program providing for individuals with longer life expectancies. Yeah! That’s the idea, live longer, spend more of it working!

4 OVERNIGHT RAIDS Massive raids of Occupy L.A. and Philadelphia camps last night lead to over 200 arrests. Police were warned to beware human feces and boobytraps. Though most have numbed to the false characterization of Occupation protesters, this is taking the smear campaign to a whole new level (no pun intended).

5 CYBER TARGET The attempted take-over of the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan appears to have been the target of interest related to last fall’s Canadian cyber attack says an international cyber-sleuthing company (how does one even acquire such an awesome title)?

6 ECONOMIC GROWTH, EH? Despite projections, the Canadian economy has expanded 3.5 percent in the third quarter. Do we remember when a series of promises were backed out on earlier this month – you know, election winning stuff (tax cuts, EI increases and a balanced budget) – based on slow growth projections? WELL, it turns out the prediction were wrong! Do we get our promises back???