Six In The Morning: Strike, Insite, Floods And Tanks

1 STRIKE! Sixty health care workers are not working today. Why? Because they’re STRIKING! Ha ha! The Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan (HSAS) is locked in battle with the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations (SAHO). Workers have been without a contract for two years and want both sides to go to binding arbitration to fix the problem.

2 SAFE INJECTION SITE HEADS BACK IN COURT The Vancouver safe-injection site Insite, which has been proven to save lives, will argue for its right to exist before the Supreme Court of Canada this week. It has been under attack by the federal government for years and has won in court twice already. The Conservative federal government is basically on a witch hunt here, acting onĀ ideologicalĀ beliefs rather than facts. But hey, ignoring facts and acting out of unsupported opinion is the kind of behaviour that gets you a majority government I guess. And if that means prairie dog has to wonder aloud if Saskatchewan’s Conservative supporters are a bunch of un-Christian dicks who just want drug addicts to fucking die, well, so be it.

3 FLOOD MENACE FORCES BRANDON RESIDENTS TO EVACUATE Nine-hundred people have been told to leave their homes in low-lying Brandon neighbourhoods. A state of emergency was declared yesterday. It’s serious — The Assiniboine river has reached record levels in Brandon. The armed forces have been called in to reinforce dikes between Portage la Prairie and Headingly, and presumably, to shoot aggressive flood waters on sight. Oh, and Quebec’s having water trouble too–but it appears to be winding down.

4 BLAKENEY REMEMBERED A memorial was held for Allan Blakeney this weekend. Here’s the story. The former NDP premier passed away on April 16.

5 SYRIA INVADES ANOTHER SYRIAN CITY Democratic uprising, meet tanks.

6 MS, LIBERATION THERAPY AND SCIENTIFIC DEBATE Want to read a really long feature on the topic? There’s one in today’s Globe And Mail.


Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

8 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Strike, Insite, Floods And Tanks”

  1. I just realized the NDP has never had a leader who did not become Premier.

    (Oh great, I think I just gave local pundits their tagline for Link’s time as a leader…)

  2. As for provincial politics, for a moment: The Sask Party had done a good job at making time stand still in Sask. The “boom” that started under the NDP in 2004 has continued and hasn’t much slowed as record oil and gas and potash prices continue to spur investment in the resource sector here. Nothing, really, has happened under the Sask Party, which is just fine with voters.

    As for Brad’s glee with Harper’s majority, this makes you think: with an federal election set for Oct 2015, and provincial Nov 2015, the timing for Brad to jump ship is perfect. David Anderson’s down there keeping Brad’s seat warm for 2015 or whenever he chooses to go-fed. I’m thinking Mr. Wall announces his intention to replace the retiring Anderson in April 2013 or ’14, in a byelection, giving Mr. Wall some for-sure time in federal government. I’m not saying this is bad or that he doesn’t have the right…just doing some sweet punditry of mine own. See if anyone agrees.

  3. There’s only one Leader-Post link! One! And what’s wrong with linking to the Leader-Post? I am 100 per cent confident many Leader-Post writers like us just fine, just as I like them just fine. The L-P has a role, we have a role, and the public conversation is better for having a range of voices.

  4. Or, since an emu could win in Cypress-Grasslands, does Mr. Wall run in Saskatoon?

  5. Talbot! Emus would NEVER run for the Saskatchewan Party! Plus, there is at least one prairie dog friend/contributor/secret agent–Rubber McDuckling–who LOVES emus and would be DEEPLY OFFENDED by your suggestion.

    And Brad Wall would be a much better Prime Minister than Crazy Harper.

  6. I disagree. I’ve seen this leaflet circulating around the southwest as of late. His name is Armey. He has heard Conservatives are automatic shoe-ins around those parts. He’s drumming up support.

  7. Ok, all kidding aside, let’s agree that it’s just silly to think that a self-respecting emu would run for the Sask. Party.

    I’m pleased that the math on that also leads to the conslusion that football players, bowling coaches and lawn gnomes who choose to run for the Sask. Party fall behind the emus in testing situations.

    Plus, you don’t see emus screwing around with Emu Rights.

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