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6-in-the-morning1 ALICE MUNRO WINS THE NOBEL IN LITERATURE She’s the first Canadian and 13th woman to be awarded the prize. More here. And here’s a list of Nobel prize-winning Canadians.


3 CREATIVE SASKATCHEWAN LAUNCHES The provincial government’s new cultural marketing strategy might be a good idea but at least for now it likely won’t do enough to bring the film patch back to Saskatchewan. The Sask government killed it and it remains dead, dead, dead. Also: bonus points for spotting Prairie Doggers in the picture.

4 MY KIND OF GRAFFITI Signs are popping up in Regina. I like them.

5 NO APPEAL FOR YOU Former Saskatonian Sandra Finley’s conviction for refusing to file a census form in 2006 won’t be overturned.

6 GOD AND GRAVITY Christian reviewers like the film, saying it paints a picture of a universe with a divine being. I can see how that happened–it’s and intense and beautiful movie that could easily create a numinous experience in viewers. (Just an FYI, there’s no evidence of a God. As Tim Minchin says, “Isn’t this enough? Just this world?”)

LION CUB PORN One minute and 20 seconds of it. Thanks to expert lion-video-finder Carle Steel.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

13 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: News Things For You”

  1. (1) Great choice!

    (3) “onus” or “bonus” ?

    (6) Art is always open to interpretation; that’s part of its power.

  2. (1) PS: Saul Bellow really shouldn’t be on the list of Canadian Nobel laureates. Sure, he was Canadian-born, but his entire career has been in the US, and his work is American-reflective. Mary Pickford, Walter Pidgeon, Fay Wray and Norma Shearer, to name a few Canadian-born actors, all had American careers.

  3. Wonderfully, I thank you for asking. I won’t be so gauche as to namedrop, but just this week a prominent Canadian novelist (a past Giller and G-G shortlister) praised my fiction, and I have some time booked with one of (though definitely not THE, not this week) the most notable English language short story writers for later this fall.
    How’s not being a jerk going?

  4. Thanks for the chuckle, Emmet. Where can I read your fiction? I mean, besides on the dogblog?

  5. Smart Ass Answer: What’s the Dewey Decimal classification for awesome?
    Less Smart Ass Answer: When there’s an announcement to be made, I’m sure prairie dog will give it some ink.

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