6-in-the-morning1 CENSORING SCIENCE The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada is released the results of a survey of 4,000 scientists today. The survey asked scientists about censorship and political interference. Hundreds of federal scientists said they’d been asked to alter work for non-science reasons. Yikes.

2 ANGRY ELSIPOGTOG New Brunswick’s Assembly of First Nations wants shale gas exploration — might lead to fracking that would devastate the environment — suspended, while Elsipogtog Chief Aaron Sock remains cross about RCMP treatment of protesters.

3 AFTER THE DEPORTATION There’s still support for Victoria Ordu and Favour Amadi.

4 NORTH CENTRAL CLEAN UP Not just about the Grey Cup.

5 BURNING IT OFF A derailed, exploded train smoulders in Alberta while one town’s residents worry about their animals.

6 ANIMAL CRUELTY Two Alberta farms apparently treat chickens very, very badly.

AROUND THE WORLD A Roma couple has been charged with kidnapping a child; U.S. President Barack Obama is exasperated with glitches with health insurance registration; Qatar’s highest court says it’s totes cool to imprison poets for 15 years; Facebook is allowing videos of people being murdered again; New Jersey’s Republican governor Chris Christie surrenders on gay marriageFrance wants an explanation from the U.S. about NSA spying; and the U.S. Supreme Court is going to look at just how mentally deficient someone needs to be to be put to death.

DO NOT LIKE DEPT Boo this! Booo!