Six In The Morning: Shrinking Fish, Autonomous Coal Miners, and Confusing Signage

1 DOES THIS LOOK FAMILIAR TO YOU? Not the anti-stadium petition sentiment, but the website domain name underneath? Regina Votes? It threw me for a moment, until I visited its website, which appears to be sponsored by the Regina & District Chamber of Commerce. I thought I heard a radio ad plugging the same website earlier this week. The thing is, the official city slogan for our upcoming municipal election is Regina Votes 2012 (the city has been passing out little lapel buttons to help promote it). Imagine if someone thought they were searching for the official city info site, and got this instead. I mean, surely this is just a coincidence (I guess it’s tough coming up with a distinctive domain name), but goodness! That could really confuse a person, couldn’t it?

2  ONE FISH TWO FISH  Researchers at the University of British Columbia say that if we don’t curb our production of greenhouse gas emissions, the fishes will start to shrink. That might sound funny, but it really isn’t.

3  PUSSY RIOT APPEAL DELAYED  A Moscow court judge has postponed an appeal on the part of the band Pussy Riot, after one of the members fired her lawyer.

4  ROMNEY’S PRESUMED SUPPORTERS SMARTER THAN HE THINKS  Apparently coal miners in Ohio could be his undoing.

5  JOHN BAIRD AT THE UNITED NATIONS TODAY  He leads with telling the assembly that it “spends too much time looking at itself” and lists the UN’s goals as being “prosperity, security, and human dignity.” In that order.

6 AT LAST, IT CAN BE TOLD!  The diet that keeps the Vampire Squid looking so svelte.

(thanks to Making Peace Vigil’s Florence Stratton for passing along the picture)

Author: Wanda Schmöckel

Wanda Schmockel is just trying to get by without shoving. You may follow her on twitter @vschmo

3 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Shrinking Fish, Autonomous Coal Miners, and Confusing Signage”

  1. Re 1: This billboard is wrong on every level. There is so much bile in my mouth, my pancreas is begging for it back. This petition drive needs to be ampted up times ten!

  2. “Don’t sign the petition…to prevent ‘enemies of the state’ from being loaded onto trains…and taken to ‘special camps’…this is AUTHORITY speaking…respect AUTHORITY…OBEY AUTHORITY.”

    The bossy, bullying pressure tactics of our current 40-to-50-to-60-year-old-something white male authority administration is positively frustrating.

  3. Surely you don’t honestly believe it is “just coincidence” that the Regina Chamber and RRHBA and RRA chose that website name….right? PLEASE tell me you understand the dirty handed tactic intended with this disgusting campaign. Mr. Hopkins has disrespected all taxpayers with this campaign, and certainly a majority of the Chambers 1,200 members.

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