Six In The Morning: Seahawks Woo!

6-in-the-morning1. SASKATOON GROUP SAYS POVERTY COSTS THE SASKATCHEWAN ECONOMY NEARLY $4 BILLION That alarming number factors in direct justice and health system costs, lost tax revenue and lower productivity.

2. FUNDING CUTS HIT COOKING CLASSES A Reginan who helped immigrants and refugees learn their way around a kitchen will try to keep up the good work.

3. THE NDP VS. ATM FEES Parliament will debate a motion calling on a $0.50 limit on instant teller transactions. The federal New Democrats want ATM fees capped.

4. ON THE READING LIST The Toronto Star’s Robin Doolittle’s book Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story is out today. Special Toronto agent Carle Steel was threatening to go to the launch tonight, so maybe she’ll have something later. Dolittle will be interviewed by Jian Gomeshi on Q later this morning and she’s on the Daily Show Thursday. So, good week for Rob Ford fans.

5. ADVENTURES IN E-SMOKING How do you regulate an electric cigarette? (That’s a weird sentence.)

6. NEWS, NEWS, NEWS, NEWS NEWS Corruption in the European Union is staggering; China releases data on pollution (which causes a million premature deaths in the country every year);more people are going to get more cancer; there was a school shooting in Russia; Australia’s prime minister is horrible; more evidence that the rich get richer while the middle class dies; Philip Seymour Hoffman is remembered in Winnipeg where he filmed Capote; Canadian expatriates fight for their voting rights and here’s a future News Quirk about a sheep head and scared children.

SPORTS BONUS: THESE CHAMPIONS ARE SUPERB OWLS The Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl! Here’s the story on official broadcaster CTV plus CBCCJME, the Leader-PostTSNESPN and The Seattle Times. And here’s a short, photo-heavy piece Pulitzer Prize winning alt-weekly journalist Eli Sanders wrote for  the best alt-weekly on the continent, Seattle’s The Stranger.

AND A NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA TRAILER! It came out yesterday, here it is.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

13 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Seahawks Woo!”

  1. ATM fees are the act of gouging at its finest…. yet at the same time, I wonder if ATM fees were capped, would we also see ATMs disappear from mom-and-pop shops. How much of the fees go to the store/site?

  2. I’m sure those garbage, non-affiliated ATMs that snag drunk ppl at 3am needing cash for weed will draw exemptions as some sort of noble free-market experiment. Maybe Big Bank ATMs will cap the fees they charge for using other Big Bank ATMs. The Banks are King in Canada, even more so than rail and oil.

  3. Or the answer to this question: What the hell is a “mom ‘n pop” shop in 2014? There’s one in North Central on 4th and Retallack, dunno if they actually have an ATM. Otherwise, what era do we think we’re living in? The multinational chain convenience store doesn’t much allow room for “mom ‘n pops” this day and age. WTF, man? As for how much profit goes to consortium-owned, numbered-company independent business that hosts these things, who knows. I know the machines charge like $2.50 to $3 a pop, so they’re about as noble as loan sharks and should disappear if you ask me. Eff them and the immoral stipend they pay their hosts. Sorry ma & pa…but it’s time to take out the trash.

  4. I looked for how much “mom ‘n pops” collect off private ATMs and found absolutely nothing. The ATM providers probably just promise something like a 13% increase in traffic rather than royalties. Also:

    “Private ATMs a money-launderer’s dream”

    It is a growing, lucrative industry. Placed in hotel lobbies, bars and food courts, they provide quick access to cash, albeit with an annoying surcharge.

    But experts believe some machines may have a more nefarious role.

    “Investigations have shown over the years that these white-label ATM machines are in every strip club, every bar throughout Canada,” said Garry Clement, an international authority on money laundering and retired RCMP officer who has been warning about the vulnerability of ATMs. “And a lot of them (ATMs) are affiliated with organized crime groups, in particular the Hells Angels or other motorcycle gang groups which are known as organized crime.”

    Clement told CBC News organized crime can circumvent industry safeguards by “comingling” legitimate business money and illicit money through the machines so that it gets “cleaned up.”

  5. By simply typing “How does a retailer make money from an ATM?” into Google, you can find a wealth of information, Talbot. Retailers (or hotels, etc.) can lease or buy a machine, and the surcharge per transaction really depends on traffic and usage, but suggested fees are in the range of the banks’, which you mentioned above. There are bank-leased machines and private-company machines, the latter being the ones where money-laundering concerns particularly arise.

    One way to battle ATM charges is not to use ATMs.

  6. Why do have to pay $1 to fill my van’s tyres? Organized crime… Charity my ass.. 99% admin fees…

  7. Protip: ask the gas station attendant to make change for the air machine. Chances are good they’ll just turn the thing on for you.

  8. Protip: ask the gas station attendant to make change for the air machine. Chances are good they’ll just turn the thing on for you.

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