6-in-the-morning 1 MEANWHILE, IN AMERICA Not looking like a good day for the Defense of Marriage Act.

2 MEANWHILE, IN CANADA Our Supreme Court, having already recognized “the gays” as alive persons, is recommending Canada take a good, hard look at its prohibitively expensive, protracted, antagonistic family law system.

3 MEANWHILE, ON SASKATCHEWAN RESERVES A new report suggests Saskatchewan First Nation reserve schools receive about half the funding from the federal government as off-reserve schools receive from the province.

4 MEANWHILE, IN PARLIAMENT Saskatchewan Conservative MPs are grumpy that they might lose their goofy-ass riding boundaries, because that is obviously such a pressing concern for this province that it justifies being basically the first time some of our province’s MPs have even really bothered speaking to the press. All of the province’s Tory MPs are doing a very good job today, advancing the interests of all people in Saskatchewan

5 MEANWHILE, IN GERMANY The developer tearing down a chunk of the Berlin Wall to put up luxury high-rise condos settled on a compromise between his investment group and the protesters who wanted to preserve this artefact of relatively recent history, and that compromise is “wait a couple of weeks and then keep tearing down the wall to build expensive apartments for the wealthy.”

6 MEANWHILE, IN NORTH KOREA “North Korea has cut a military hotline with South Korea, breaking the last direct communication link between the two countries at a time of heightened military tensions,” so maybe everything above will very soon be moot.