Six In The Morning: Scary Dog Thursday

6-in-the-morning1 IT’S ALL OVER, BACK TO WORK The Tea Party monkeys never stopped screaming from their libertarian fantasy trees, but human politicians nevertheless voted to raise the debt limit and the United States has a government again. Hard to believe this happened because conservative extremists fought to scrap a health care law.

2 TELL IT TO THE JUDGE Canada’s Supreme Court will hear labour’s appeal of Saskatchewan’s anti-union labour law changes. I hope SFL lawyers have the audio of that 2007 campaign trail quote by Brad Wall in which he agrees with an interviewer’s suggestion that government would “go to war” with unions.


4 WORK WILL NOT NECESSARILY SET YOU FREE A British government study says it’s not always possible to work your way out of poverty in Britain. No kiddin’, really? There’s no doubt the same findings apply here. This whole “work hard and you’ll have success” opinion you frequently hear is garbage. Raise the minimum wage to $20 an hour and then maybe that line will have some validity. FOOTNOTE 1 : the author of the report also says teacher pay should be “performance related”, which is a line you often hear from conservatives. It sounds like a great idea but the problem is in determining a way to measure “performance”. Teachers lucky enough to work in schools with socially and economically advantaged students, who will on balance perform better than less fortunate students, will have better test score outcomes, right? It’s hard if not impossible for performance pay rules to take this into account. FOOTNOTE 2: Yes, I did tastelessly Godwin this item’s headline, thanks for noticing! And you’re you’re welcome.

5 HPV VACCINE CONTROVERSY Doctors want Edmonton voters to elect Catholic School Board trustees who won’t try to block the human papilloma virus vaccine in Catholic schools. Because some Catholic school board candidates would try to block vaccinations. The issue is controversial for the Catholic church because the Church (unlike a lot of actual Catholics) says that people aren’t supposed to have sex unless they’re married, monogamous, heterosexual and not clergy.

6 BALANCED BUDGET LEGISLATION? Sounds good, never works.

13 MORE SLEEPS UNTIL HALLOWEEN! In honour of the new issue of Scary Dog that comes out today (and will be online in a few hours), here’s a trailer for a new horror movie. Looks great! (Hat tip to Street Scare’s Cassie Ozog.)

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

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  1. (4) The concept of merit pay for teachers has been around for a very long time, and for a very long time, it has been practically impossible to set valid criteria.

    (5) The missing link strikes again!
    The position of some Catholic trustees makes no sense from the standpoint of public health and preventative medicine. Not all sexual contact is voluntary, and for that reason alone, they should allow HPV vaccinations for girls and boys alike.

  2. perform

    I should have added that, doctrinally speaking, there’s no prohibition against taking reasonable measures to protect one’s own health, and that of others. The idea that to promote HPV vaccination is to give tacit permission for sexual activity is an insult to the intelligence of young people, and an offence against their exercise of free will.

  3. 1. Not hard to believe at all, tho what they were doing besides trying to tear down Obama was a mystery. Who’s “losing” under “Obamacare”? Are they scared of healthier poor black people?

    What is hard to believe is how these Tea Party insurgents lose, then re-emerge 6 months later with a new team and new host of stupid, arbitrary anti-liberal issues. Right now the mainstream media’s wisdom says the GOP has no hope of winning the Senate in 2014, due to shutdown fallout, and they probably won’t, but I guarantee by then this whole shutdown thing will be as big an American memory as who won America’s Got Talent Season 2, and the storyline will be, “Stunning Comeback as Senate Republicans come within 2 seats of taking control of the Senate…”

    Democrats are a medium-rare steak with no sizzle right now, while Republicans are a jumbo frank that burst open on the grill with all its juice running out, but that does cause smoke and fire, so the slight right of centre bias will remain in American showtime politics for now.

    By the way, W got a stent, just like Dick.

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