1 TRAPPED MINERS WILL BE RESCUED SOON In Chile, a tunnel has been drilled and 33 miners who’ve been stuck underground since August 5 will be out in less than two weeks. (CBC)


3 SPRAWLATOON? It isn’t just Regina that’s spreading outwards–Saskatoon is one of Canada’s lowest density cities. And today’s StarPhoenix has a feature on sprawl that’s worth reading.

4 WHERE THE RED SLUDGE FLOWS A horrific environmental and human catastrophe continues to unfold in Hungary, where seven people have been killed by a gushing tsunami of “chemical effluent” released when a reservoir for toxic waste broke.  (Guardian)

5 ON THE SUBJECT OF HUNGARIAN TOXIC WASTE… A Hungarian family in Hamilton has allegedly been very, very naughty. Maybe they thought the family that keeps slaves together, stays together? (Globe And Mail)

6 JOHN LENNON’S 70th BIRTHDAY It’s today. BoingBoing has a nice portrait of Lennon by artist Drew Friedman that’s worth a click. Google has a tribute on their home page featuring an excerpt from the song “Imagine”. But it’s better to hear the complete message in all its “imagine no heaven, possessions, countries, religions” glory. So here’s a video poached from DailyMotion.

John Lennon – Imagine
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