1 MEXICO IS GOING TO HELL That War On Drugs stuff isn’t going well, apparently. No one could have foreseen this.

2 THEY’RE BAAACK Provincial legislators return for the spring sitting. If you have friends or family working in Sask. politics, say goodbye to ’em for the next couple of months or so.

3 BC TEACHERS ARE ON STRIKE Wages and classroom size are the issues.

4 HERE’S YOUR SLIPPERY SLOPE SLIDES British unionists, activists and other apparentĀ undesirablesĀ have turned up on secret no-hire lists compiled by police or spy agencies and businesses. The police and/or MI5 connection is the huge scandal here, obviously. Environmentalists and unionists are not national security threats, though they can be threats to corporate profits. This is where anti-union laws like the ones Brad Wall’s government brought in can eventually lead. This is also the reason so many people distrust Vic Toews’ domestic spying legislation, which he markets as an anti-kiddie porn bill but is really a tool to use against activists and demonstrators.

5 NO CHOICE IN RED STATES Radical Kansas fucknuts are doing all they can to make sure no one will replace the abortion doctor one of ’em murdered. The Americans who whine about liberty the most are always the ones who want to take it away from others. Maybe the Kansassholes should drop the charade and just start burning alleged witches and sacrificing virgins to ensure a good harvest. You know they wanna.

6 HEY, RUSSIA PICKED VLADIMIR PUTIN IN A RIGGED ELECTION THIS WEEKEND Read all about it. People are maaad. Glad Canada doesn’t have rigged elections.