Six In The Morning: Sandy, Baby, Why-ee-yi-ee-yi, Oh Why?

6 in the MorningIt is supposed to be 6 in the morning, but today it is 1 in the afternoon. Hurricane Sandy is dominating the headlines of every major news outlet. Here’s what you need to know about the storm  and all the other news Sandy is drowning out in her wake.

1 SANDY BABY! The superstorm is wreaking havoc on the east coast. Obama has called it a major disaster30+ people  are dead in the US. A Toronto woman is dead after being hit by flying debris. Hundreds of thousands are without power. An electrical transformer has blown up. Streets and subway tunnels are flooded. News websites are downFlights are delayed. The American presidential candidates have suspended their campaigns. And experts are estimating billions of dollars in storm damage.

2 GOT BEEF! The beef processing plant in Brooks, Alberta is re-opening and that means about 2,000 workers are back on the job. Yay for beef. Boo E.coli.

3 MOTHER NATURE CONTINUES TO SHAKE THINGS UP ON THE WEST COAST A second earthquake has rattled the north coast of B.C. The 6.2 magnitude quake off the south coast of Haida Gwaii island hits just as questions are being raised around the B.C. government’s slow response to  the 7.2 shaker over the weekend.

4 FIGHTING DEPORTATION Saskatchewan’s economy minister Bill Boyd has written a letter to Public Safety minister Vic Toews asking the feds to review the deportation of two Nigerian students.

5 IMPAIRED JUDGEMENT A new study reports on the economic and social consequences of liquor privatization in Western Canada — this after Brad Wall suggested all future liquor stores will be owned privately.

6 GLOBAL WARMING TO BLAME?? GASP! Scientists are saying global warming may have caused Sandy’s rage.

Some comedic relief to a very sad situation. Mayor Bloomberg’s American sign language translator makes VERY dramatic faces as the New York mayor updates residents on the city’s response to the storm:

8 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Sandy, Baby, Why-ee-yi-ee-yi, Oh Why?”

  1. Re: your last paragraph and the link, have you spent much time watching sign-language users? If you had, then you’d know that they are very, very rarely poker-faced. The animation in their features takes the place of tone in uttered speech, and in the case of the translator for Mayor Bloomberg, the tone of urgency must be clearly communicated to those who can see but not hear.

  2. I looove that sign languager! At best, a master stroke of political strategery and public accessibility; in the least, a wicked groovy crumping interpretation of Bloomberg’s poker-faced statementry.

  3. @5 – Bronymous…Teh Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives and the Parkland Institute who both conducted this study are identified as a left leaning research institutes. Go figure. All in the name of justifying to keep Sask Gov’t Liquor stores as is. I’ll take privatization any day. I like the idea of picking up beer in a grocery store or local convenience store. Can’t be done here!

  4. We might also be able to see more microbrewers’ products, as is the case in privatized Alberta stores.

  5. I agree with you on that Barb.
    More potential selection as long as SLGA permits it. You know they still love to create unnecessary restrictive barriers with selection.

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