1 DUNLOP? RPL FILM THEATRE? HELLO? Tonight’s City Council meeting will consider “approving in principle” the Cultural Centre Redevelopment Project, a new, multi-use  library and theatre complex with commercial space. The document going to council is online here. Now, there is every possibility that this is a positive development. But. Two things concern us. The first is that the proposal does not mention a film theatre, even as a possibility. I think this is because the library board plans to kill the RPL film theatre. I will be thrilled to be proved wrong and happy to eat crow. Second, this is moving forward without the participation of the citizens’ group Friends of the RPL which, as you old warriors may recall, was founded in 2004 (? I think?) when a past library board attempted to gut the RPL system, closing branches and shutting down the Dunlop gallery.

So what’s going on? Where’s the communication been? Is the board trying to do something they know will be unpopular so they’re being sneaky about it? These are fair questions. Here’s a recent interview Vanda Schmockel did with library board chair Darlene Hinks. Read it and see what you think. Most importantly, anyone concerned about this needs to get their asses to City Hall tonight. The meeting’s at 5:30.Remember, this isn’t a war (yet), so don’t over-react. At this point we just need a commitment to improved citizen engagement, and to existing institutions like the RPL Film Theatre and Dunlop Art Gallery. A “trust us” is not good enough. Prairie dog will be at the meeting, possible as a herd.

2 “IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE” Parents and do-gooders are still fighting against the planned closure of Athabasca school. Today’s LP story is here. Past prairie dog coverage is here.

3 ON THE LINE Postal workers are picketing in Regina. Health workers are marching in Saskatoon.

4 SASKATOON PRIDE There was a great turnout for Pride festivities in Saskatoon on Saturday. Hooray!

5 PROSTITUTION GOES TO COURT Story here. At the risk of being accused of writing under the influence of a penis, I have to say I can’t see how prostitution can stay illegal when it’s been going on forever and will continue to go on forever. Am I wrong? Commentators? Any thoughts?

6 NEWSPAPER COLUMNIST SAYS THERE’S NO EVIDENCE FOR GLOBAL WARMING Well, I haven’t seen evidence for StarPhoenix columnist Bronwyn Eyre. I don’t believe “she” exists. I think Eyre is just a bunch of algorithms that generate factually bankrupt articles hiding behind a stock photo mugshot. Hey, if I write an article expressing my opinion that Eyre is just a bullshit-spewing software program, will The StarPhoenix buy it? They’re obviously open to printing anything. I think they might receive a query letter or two from prairie dog writers.

By the way, guys, you misspelled StarPhoenix.