Six In The Morning: Rob Ford Round-Up

6-in-the-morning1 ROB FORD: THE SAGA CONTINUES Toronto’s executive committee drafts an unprecedented letter asking Ford to substantively address the “crack smoking mayor” allegations and they’re doing it publicly, with the deputy mayor saying “I would like the mayor to speak up”. Meanwhile, Ford’s chief of staff remains fired. CBC has a timeline of the runaway Rob Ford train. There’s no new word on the drug dealers with the video–they’ve been out of communication for some time–but the Rob Ford Crackstarter is nevertheless closing in on its target ($163,542 as I publish this), which could be good news for some Canadian addiction non-profits, who will get the cash if the video stays vanished. Also, Now has a good column about why this whole raise-money-to-but-a-video-from-drug-dealers thing is just horrible. And by the way, all this stuff about “faking videos” is nonsense. Although the Sherlock Holmeses at Small Dead Brains Animals think they’ve got proof that the video is a fake, so you can go look at that if you like malarkey (H/T John Gormley, who retweeted that one).

2 ROBOCALLS WERE ORGANIZED FRAUD: JUDGE Greg blogged it last night and I’m mentioning it again because I’m  annoyed that bye-elections weren’t ordered. Supposedly the scale of the fraud wasn’t significant enough. Here’s the story and here’s the actual ruling. In other robocall news, the CRTC has fined Alberta’s Wildrose Party $90,000 for breaking the robo-rules.

3 MEANWHILE IN SASKATCHEWAN We, along with three other lower population provinces,  got a “D” in health care; Regina wants federal money to clean up the dead lots once used by gas stations (context here); The police union is worried about our new labour laws and the lack of an arbitration mechanism for when contract talks break down; a police officer’s assault trial continues; and the Saskatoon Blades have been eliminated in the Memorial Cup and Saskatoon is so sad they’re banning dogs from riding in the backs of trucks.

4 MORE ARRESTS IN LONDON ATTACK Here’s the latest news on BBC and the Guardian. Also, Glenn Greenwald has a thoughtful column on the definition of terrorism here.


6 THIS IS WHAT AN “INFRASTRUCTURE DEFICIT” LOOKS LIKE A bridge in Washington State collapsed, dropping cars and people into the water. Fortunately no one was killed. The collapse appears to have been triggered by a Canadian trucker whose truck might have been over the weight limit but having said that, the bridge had received low scores on inspections and was rated “functionally obsolete” in 2010. Remember those infrastructure conferences in Regina? This kind of thing is why it’s important to fund infrastructure. Also, don’t drive overloaded trucks on bridges.

7 THIS SIX HAS SEVEN Hey, the Boy Scouts of America will now accept gay scouts who must GET OUT, GET, OUT, GET OUUUUUT when they become adults and would like to be scout leaders, but minimal progress is still progress.

8 EIGHT? WHY NOT? John Gormley has a slightly pompous but not insane column on the ongoing Senate scandal.

PURR Word on the street is that today’s Friday Afternoon Kitty isn’t a cat at all. But what’s a Friday without a cat? So here you go. More here. Meow!

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

5 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Rob Ford Round-Up”

  1. The Conservatives’ CIMS database was used by election fraudsters. Only Conservatives can authorize who use CIMS, and it’s tightly controlled, and access is logged. Why hasn’t Elections Canada used CIMS to charge individuals? Because supposedly, people at the Conservative Party of Canada have caused evidence to be altered or destroyed. Obstruction of Justice is a crime they could be charged with instead.

  2. Colour me convinced. Masses of Small Dead Animals’ followers are bat-shit crazy. Like, clinically ill. How do these people fuction in the real world (y’know, the one where terrorists did the 9-11 thing and the Illuminati is not real and reptilians are pretend, yadda yadda yadda. Why isn’t Kate vetting the mentally ill from her blog so at least the right doesn’t all come off as tea-bagger fucked in the head? Jeesus Kate – you’re making a mockery of yourself. Unless….oh….are you anvil-on-the-head brain dead Kate?

  3. 1) If Rob thinks getting lawyered up and making one speech will make this all go away, no!
    There are many questions from both sides. I’m curious why the seller of the video is playing hard to get.
    2) Having bye-elections just for the sake of this ruling is a waste of time and tax money when 2015 election is approaching sooner than we like to think.
    3) How do we get labled a D by one single group when there are other benchmark companies who may see it differently?
    5) Peace in Syria? I’ll believe it when I see it.
    6) Instead of pointing the finger at the truck driver, perhaps he can be thanked for discovering a hazard waiting to happen on this bridge due to declining or delaying maintenance.
    7) Scouts of America took a long time to decide this.
    8) He should add this signature to his articles “Love Gormley”. We all love him! Hate to love?
    That kitty needs a seatbelt!

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