6-in-the-morning1 THEY’RE OUT Senators Wallin, Duffy and Brazeau have been suspended. Premier Brad Wall will introduce a motion to abolish the Senate, something the NDP has been saying forever. What does it all mean?

2 R.I.P. BOB HUGHES I remember him as a pedantic, cantankerous union-basher and CBC-hater, but Rob Vanstone has some nice things to say about the late L-P sports editor. Read this, it’s good.

3 SENDING OLD PEOPLE FAR AWAY IS NOT A SOLUTION? The Regina Que’apple Health Region puts the plan on hold. Not sure what a good solution to elderly care in low-density, far-flung rural Saskatchewan is, though. Higher taxes, more public spending, I guess. You know, basically socialism. You cool with that, rural Saskatchewan?

4 SWEDEN BRINGS IN BECHDEL Four Swedish theatres will use a new rating that helps identify sexism in cinema. Good idea. Also, Alison Bechdel rules.

5 LYNN COADY WINS THE GILLER For a collection of short stories. Personally, I like short stories the best.


BONUS MORNING FORD Here’s an enjoyable piece on yesterday’s Toronto politics reality show:

“I don’t know how in one day you go from your brother demanding that the police chief resign, to you admitting that you smoked crack cocaine, and you calling a press conference where everybody thought you were going to resign and then, instead, announcing that you are going to run again in the next election for mayor — and you’re not leaving. It just indicates complete chaos to me.”

In other Ford news, Toronto city councillors are putting together harm-reduction motions to minimize the damage Ford can cause over the next year as he clings to office. Also, you should have a look at this, which suggests maybe the Rob Ford Phenomenon is less a Chris Farley movie than it is the Sopranos. Oh! Are you wondering if Ford can be arrested for admitting to smoking crack? This answers that question (but basically, “no”). Finally, did the mayor hire a hacker to get the video back? Or is that just too crazy? Who knows.

And Toronto? “Get some help”: