1 GOD FORBID THE “GOSPEL OF ENVY” COMES BACK  By noon today, which is, oh, about now, Canada’s richest CEOs have earned your annual salary. Let’s pause a moment to beam goodwill at all of our country’s hard-working Bill Doyles. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has the envy-making infographic here.

2 CAN WE PLEASE GET TO THE END OF THE YEAR’S FIRST WEEK WITHOUT STARTING WORLD WAR THREE? Much sabre-rattling and tough talk by Iran against the threat of U.S. sanctions.

3 SYRIA’S IN BIG TROUBLE NOW The Arab League will meet to discuss its monitors’ reports that Syria is still killing its own people. Syria should really stop that.

4 NITROGEN IN THE HINTERLAND Remote lakes show evidence of pollution. Oh good.

5 SUSPICIOUS DEATH Saskatoon police are investigating the circumstances around a body discovered in a ditch outside of the city.

6 BAD CHEMICALS No one is seriously injured in a chemical accident in White City. But still. Chemical accident.

VIDEO: THE MIRACLE OF WOMBAT POOP Story’s here. I share because I care.