6-in-the-morning1. REGINA MOVES AHEAD ON ITS EXPENSIVE NEW STADIUM Read about it at CJME, the Leader-Post and CBC. Dechene will have something up today, too. Oh, and of course you heard that Chad Novak disrupted the meeting and was removed by police? Dechene will have something to say about that, too.

2. REST IN PEACE, PETE SEEGER CBC has a fine obituary. You can read more about this very good man in The Guardian, The New York Times, Rolling Stone and the BBC.

3. UKRAINE’S GOVERNMENT QUITS Yikes. Here’s some background in a column Gwynne Dyer wrote a while back that we didn’t publish because he writes more stuff than we can print.

4. SO  MUCH FOR “SUPPORT THE TROOPS” The Harper government faces protests from veterans over its plan to close several Veteran’s Affairs regional offices, including one in Saskatoon. Just be glad Harper doesn’t also take away the door-to-door mail delivery of these now-elderly Second World War veterans… oh wait.

5. MORE PROOF CANADA IS  RUN BY ASSHOLES The Harper government’s income splitting plan favours the rich; the National Council of Canadian Muslims demands an apology and filed a notice of libel after chief Harper spokesperson Jason MacDonald said the group has links to terrorism; and Canada’s privacy commissioner, Chantal Bernier, says our spy agencies need to be more accountable (and here’s some alarming background).

6. ABORTION DRUG CONTROVERSY ON DECK Useful drug may be approved, crackpots likely to object, film at 11.

BONUS: HEADLINE OF THE WEEK, AND IT’S ONLY TUESDAY “Man Fights Off Shark, Stitches Up Own Leg, Goes To The Pub”

VIDEO! Pete Seeger, or course.