1 PROTESTAPALOOZA PART ONE Environmental malcontents are in Ottawa to protest the eeevil Keystone XL pipeline. Of course the best solution here would be to build a time machine and go back to the 70s and 80s and get that era to take alternative energy seriously so we wouldn’t have to fight over climate-destroying fossil fuel pipelines. The RCMP have arrested some protestors.

2 PROTESTAPALOOZA PART TWO Hey, there’s a big-deal, ongoing peaceful protest on Wall Street–against reckless trading and the massive damage caused to the world’s economy, democracies, civil liberties and the failures of capitalism in general — that isn’t being covered by media. It’s been on for more than a week. I just found out about it this weekend on Facebook because I’m lame. There’s some decent police brutality, too. The usual lefties point out that if this was a protest by a dozen Tea Partiers, it would’ve been big, U.S. national news. They’re right. There’s a huge double standard in media coverage, and it isn’t some kind of ‘liberal media’ bias. Hey, have a video:

3 MUCH ADO ABOUT MATH Saskatchewan’s CBC is enamoured of the alleged controversy around math education. Prairie dog is forming opinions and will report back but for now, colour us skeptical about a lot of the criticisms being directed at education students by math profs.

4 ONE IN FIVE CANADIAN UNIVERSITY GRADS HAVE CRUMMY INCOMES Which is mainly news because that’s the worst record of the 34-member Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

5 TWO STORIES FEATURING THE NDP The Official Opposition wants Treasury Board head Tony Clement investigated for G8 spending monkeyshines. Also, a university prof says NDP leadership candidate Brian Topp’s campaign is close to bullying.

6 GREEK TRAGEDY The country’s messed up. There’s strikes and unrest and more austerity coming. Yuck.

BONUS! Two million people have been displaced by awful floods in India. Saskatoon might licence escorts. Brigadier-General Sylvain Bedard says it’s okee-dokee that Defence Minister Peter MacKay got a fishing trip lift from a search and rescue chopper. Syrian government sites are getting hacked. Obama says something funny and true about Rick Perry. Also the U.S. government is deadlocked again. Too bad about that Palestinian veto though. A mentally ill Canadian-Egyptian was detained in Afghanistan for 18 months? It’s true. The NDP are leading polls in Manitoba’s election campaign. Virtual monkeys have nearly finished the complete works of Shakespeare. Mexico has some very bad men who behead women. The UN prepares to argue about Palestinian statehood. Pittsburgh’s Civic Arena is being demolished but there are issues. France’s Socialists win control of the country’s Senate. Bolivia’s defence minister resigns after protestors defending a rainforest reserve against a road were tear-gassed by thug cops.

VIDEO! Vintage dogs getting married because why not. (Via Laughing Squid)