Six In The Morning: Protestors, Gravediggers And The “Sexiest Man Alive”

6-in-the-morning1 DEMOCRACY? Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi said he will limit his absolute powers to “sovereign matters” to try to prevent a crisis. Egyptians have returned to Tahrir Square and today they are staging a massive rally. The protestors are demanding the president, who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, revoke his decrees that would expand his powers and protect him from judicial review. But Egyptians are not buying what he is selling.

2 GRAVEDIGGING Yassar Arafat’s body was exhumed this morning. Eight years after his death in France, a team of experts will test the Palestinian leader’s body to determine if he was poisoned.  Swiss experts found a radioactive chemical on his clothing earlier this year.

3 NOT SO SAFE The federal government had a major scare last night. Calgary Centre is a stronghold for the Conservative Party, but last night the seat was threatened in the federal by-election. Joan Crockatt, a Calgary media personality, won with just 4.2 percentage points ahead of her Liberal competitor. Some are blaming Liberal and Green Party vote-spliting for the narrow Conservative win.

4 SEXY AND HE KNOWS IT? The online version of China’s Communist Party newspaper apparently does not know that The Onion is a satirical news organization. A spoof report that crowned North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un the “Sexiest Man Alive” was re-published on the People’s Daily website with a lengthy photo essay. Oops!

5 PROVINCIAL APPEAL Today the provincial government is scheduled to appeal a court decision that prevented essential services legislation from passing. Public sector unions have said Bill 5 gives too much power to employers to determine who is an essential worker and who can strike.

6 TOOTH AND NAIL Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is calling his oust from office a left-wing conspiracy. It is always everyone’s fault but our own.

6 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Protestors, Gravediggers And The “Sexiest Man Alive””

  1. 1 – More instability for Egypt.
    2 – Yassar! He’s dead! Let him rest in peace. No need for more provocations.
    3 – Liberals not so dead after all.
    4 – Funny China doesn’t know about the Onion!
    5 – How far will this appeal go?
    6 – Rob Ford is Rob Ford…his own worst enemy.

  2. Wait, so Kim Jong-un ISN’T the sexiest man alive?

    Now what am I going to do with all these t-shirts and posters?

  3. 1. Raffi is an Egyptian Canadian. This is just learned.
    2. I’ll never forget the image of him giving blood for Sept 11th. Do they even import blood?
    3. Lib/Green vote-splitting led to Conservative win in Calgary? Just think, if Greens and Libs got together…they could dream of capturing 25% of the Alberta vote someday.
    4. China proverb say, in humour, there is truth.
    5. People are the worst.
    6. Did Rob Ford introduce anything that wasn’t a service cut or rollback?

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